Chiffon #91. March on and on and on


Oh, key, doke, eeee!

And so I hear yet another year or season has passed, right on by, for the backyard backanalia, the last event for the season was held last Saturday evening in the backyard of the duff man in Duffy street in duff ah, Ainslie.

A low key affair it turned out to be, and so it should have been as the ambience that surrounds the jazz piano and indeed the whole jazz genre is intense and very cool and let’s face it being cool is a hard act to follow nes pa!

Things are going swimmingly well as nothing really is going on for me, nor indeed to me except for the usual demands of my time, opinions, ability to travel, work, speak, all at my own expense and did I mention do things.

I have this one fellow, he is a nice man, a friend of a friend… of a… how do you say it? An acquaintance! Well let me tell you he is so confused but I have fun with him once, now I can not get rid of him. I nickname him Superglue because he sticks to me or at least he gives that impression. Every time I turn around he is there… He is worse than a sniffer dog at the airport fair dinkum! But he has long fingers and big hands… unlike the dog.

I don’t see too much more of this balmy summertime weather ahead. Just the cold realization that we are broke and indeed fucked! For at least the next little bit and then the rest, climatically, economically and psychologically rooted.


I am full of doom and I have no more smokes. What a shit – oops! Hey what about young Kev? He’s keen to make his mark upon the oratorical world by dropping a fucking swearword mid sentence. I wont repeat it here for obvious reasons but it is causing a bit of controversy. Why? I do not have a sclew (a fucking clue).

Now the latest thing to titillate my head is starting, making a sentence using the same letter to start each word of the sentence. This is evidence of how interesting my life is.

Another assault availed an automobile, attending an alien ashram, assuming automatic Australian authenticism and advocating ancient and asinine arguments! Automatically attracting agitators attesting another avalanche aggressively aimed at all areas around Ainslie.

This does not have to make sense and in fact, when you think about it, nothing does.

Luff Chiffon xxx.

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