Chiffon #92. Nobody Cares


What the fuck is happening? I admit I have gone off the boil a bit (a result of spending time elsewhere, I suppose, and, to be perfectly honest no one is particularly interested in anything I might have to say). I admit I am not getting positive feedback and why is that you might ask. Apathy or it may just be fear, ooohh….

I have a different theory but I guess you are not interested. So, just what is noteworthy and deserving of a yarn..

Who lives next door? Well once upon a time some of us may have had interesting neighbours. No that is not interesting. Certainly not me, anymore, they (neighbours) are and always have been a source of constant fretting on my part so I do not watch their comings and goings.

My friend and her world in Wagga is unbelievable so I suppose stories of double standards, struggle and rejection are really her fault…. for living there.

And my fault… for knowing her. I can’t stay home and away! That’s for sure. It might  be interesting once or twice, but I have been going there now for over two years and nothing has changed so I don’t want to repeat myself.

Most of my complaints would be (if you were interested) about how that state of affairs  can exist. I understand you don’t want to know. I really should bother someone like a government department and or a minister instead of telling people who vote for them (that would be logical if that had any effect).

The news of the world (you want to talk recycling?), the Middle East, the Northern Ireland peace process, the United States pulling troops out of a foreign country. It has not changed for the last forty years. One continual loop, over and over.

Looking at what has traditionally made a good yarn and lasted – fairytales. And the Bible. I once met a parish priest who had baptised a man who told the world about Israel’s nuke secret in the late seventies. At the time he lived just round the corner. I guess he had a few yarns especially because he got into serious international strife. He had a few yarns but really he was like me in as much as he was always wondering what made people interested as well as  interesting.

Whilst I was living in central Australia I met a bloke who travelled to Brisbane, Australia from London, England on a penny farthing pushbike and he rode it overland. He got shot at in the Khyber pass. He lived just outside Heavitree Gap in the MacDonnell’s.

I personally, myself haven’t really done anything, worked in a telly studio making a show, worked in a shearing shed dragging rams. Worked in the Botanic gardens drawing birds. How dull? But I just don’t know what to write about. If anything that is of interest to you pops up, let me know, no I mean I will let you know..

Luff Chiffon xxx.

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