Chiffon #94. A Thought (Not)


It could be said (but only by me) that I have spent a very calm few months and the toll is showing upon me. It is as if I have been cut down, inflicted with apathy and largess and an enviable lifestyle, you could say, but only after I say it.

I was overcome with a thought after watching Alien and as a result I have a theory or at least a question? No! It is not another theory, just the same one that is involving everyone.

In all these sci fi movies that pop up from time to time, have you noticed that domination of the universe seems to basically sum up the plot and these all stem from a master space ship and this seems to be what’s goin’ on now in real time?

What is the idea with the space station travelling around the planet? Technically even now it could effectively mean that a few individuals have the whole planet in their hands and they could fuck us up anytime. And which select individuals would they be? Well it doesn’t have to be any military person. They already seem to host people stayin’ over pretty well willy-nilly. And what is goin’ on with goin’ to Mars? Why?

It could be that as humans, we really get off on people goin’ away exploring (after all space is the final frontier if you have given up on the Amazon and the Antarctic and the oceans and the air we breathe and the crops we grow etc.) and then comin’ back, especially if there is a degree of danger involved or stories of adventure with mystery. However let me bring you back to your own imagination.

I am organizing an Email Race. What is that? WELL! At an appointed time, one or two people set off via email heading west with checkpoints along the way. It should be remembered that the email is the racee and is totally dependant on the racer facilitating another leg for the email so on it goes being referred around a pre-ordained course and returning to the finishing line. First to arrive at its destination having satisfied the required stop offs at various checkpoints is the winner.

Another thing I would like to organise is a nude dinner with food, conversation and naturlichness. I can honestly say I have always enjoyed myself nude at dinner. It was quite lonely at first so it is lucky I am a good conversation.

Luff Chiffon xxx.

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