Coffee Bitch #55. Silver Hills Nursery, Pialligo

Coffee Bitch

two and a half beans

Silver Hills Nursery, Pialligo

Awesome coffee. Suprised? So was I.

Why Pialligo? Apples. It’s still apple season. In the island of old Canberra farming that is Pialligo, nestles a bevvy of orchards selling direct.

Also nurseries.

All thriving in the jet fuel fall-out (airport across the road).

I was pounced upon and forced to have a good coffee and TWO free biscotti. Anyway it is a nursery and sports a bonsai collection around the entrance.

The second coffee also arrived in under three minutes. I was supplied with water and a magazine. It might be a coolish venue for a winter coffee but the service certainly is warm.

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