Backyard Backanalia, 2nd March 2009

Saturday evening last saw the final Backanalia of the 2008/9 season, held in its new location in deepest darkest suburban inner north Canberra. By all accounts it seemed to go off very nicely with great performances by the aptly named Fun Machine, Julia and The Deep Sea Siren, Simone Penkethman, The Wedded Bliss and Dr Stovepipe (with a little bit of Fireside Revelry thrown in gratis). Also, no complaints from the neighbours.

Backyard Backanalia

It was back to the Backanalias of old, with lots of kids amongst a broad age range present, a pleasantly packed house, beautiful weather, crackling fire bins and a general ambience of bon homie. Or so I felt it. I hope the Stateline cameras were able to capture some of that feeling, they having partially inspired the staging of this Backanalia as they wanted to film local ‘underground’ music in action for a segment possibly airing on Friday. So we’ll see. They also filmed the Guerrilla Gig the next day and The Bootleg Sessions at the Phoenix on Monday, both of which were great gigs in their own special way.

I forgot to take my camera to the Guerrilla Gig which was a real drag, the location, in a burnt-out telescope on top of Mount Stromlo, being perfect for some dramatic performance shots. So there’s no pics of that. I do have some of the Bootleg last night which I might put up soon, and some of the Backanalia which you can see by clicking the pic above. Just a quick word. Because I run the Backanalias, including stage managing and mixing and trouble shooting and shooting my mouth off, the time I have for taking photos is sporadic so, if I missed out on taking shots of someone, it’s not because I thought it unimportant but just because I can’t do it all every time. Not that anyone has complained, I just feel bad sometimes when I realise I missed someone completely, or nearly so.

And finally, I received an email from someone today which might make sense if you know the following. The location of the Guerrilla Gig is kept secret until an hour or so before it starts when it is broadcast on The Cashews’ web site. Instructions to that effect were included in the Culturazi on Thursday. Here’s the email:

Dear Mr. President,

I herewith pillory the CMC´s service quality regarding Gorilla Gig location notification. It hurt me deeply that I did not get any message about the location at all – especially after having spent all night at the hallow realm of your majesty at the cost of my precious gloves, health and memory…

It is not appropriate to expect people to remember that the location was actually encryptedly announced at the Backyard Analthing, when you keep them in custody and force them to liquefy their brain so that they have no chance to access that information the next day!

Therefore I claim adequate compensation in form of, uh, a pool full of jelly and a lifelong honorary membership.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

I replied thus:

Dear D-D

There were instruction on the process for discovering the whereabouts of the Guerrilla Gig in the missive that was copied below. Nevertheless the Canberra Musicians Club will compensate you with a pool full of jelly at one of the Backanalias next summer, assuming you will oblige by swimming and perhaps wrestling someone in it.

Mr President

And then this:

Sure! I´m glad that we wait till summer though, otherwise I would insist in hot chocolate pudding & a hot wine punch shower :)


I am currently investigating the price of bulk chocolate pudding, cheap red, cinnamon and oranges.

2 Responses to “Backyard Backanalia, 2nd March 2009”

  1. What a cheeky person you are – pretending to provide personal privacy by alienation of my name, just in order to impertinently reveal it at the end anyway!

    However, when you finally managed to gather enough easter choc leftovers and residues from the bottom of red wine glasses (and hopefully a condign wrestling opponent), don´t forget to give me a written invitation in time, since I evidentially don´t get on with these tricky modern guerillia manoeuvres.


  2. Apologies DoubleD/schubiduu, name now expunged