Coffee Bitch #58. Satis, Watson

Coffee Bitch

three and a half beans


The word “clutter” comes to mind. Several other words come to mind when the coffee takes more than four and a half minutes to arrive.

No visible heaters warming any of the mostly cruddy furniture outside.

The coffee that arrives is bearable. There’s a casual local feel with the school across the road, some pram traffic, and mothers collecting a brew to steel their nerves and warm the chat motors for school pick-ups.

I’m being kind of reserved here because I’ve noticed that tiny poky frustrating badly managed holes can last for years.
Piccolo at the Cross for instance.

You’d think with the local competition (Carlo’s), spending thousands on advertising lately that these guys would make more of an effort. Maybe we’re supposed to feel sorry for them. The bottom line is the people of Watson are now spoilt for choice.

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