Mikelangelo, Cave – Waits – Cohen

Mikelangelo, Cave –  Waits – Cohen. Polish White Eagle, Sunday 16th Aug, 2015
by Stephen Harrison

I’m always in awe of performers. The ability and confidence to get up in front of a crowd of people and belt out songs, not knowing how the audience is going to react, I find extraordinary. Mikelangelo is one such performer: absolutely extraordinary.

To start off: he looks good, snappy suit (reminiscent of Elvis on black and white TV), coif like a wave, and a great mover. Then there’s the voice. I must admit I’m partial to the deep voices from male singers- not a big fan of falsettos. Mikel’s is a deep, rich, chocolaty baritone. The songs he was singing at the Polish club were a great medley of Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and Australian Nick Cave. Three of my favourite acts – I never miss the chance to see Mr. Cave, in all his incantations from Bad Seeds to Grinderman and solo stuff, it’s all good. I’d jump at the chance to see the others, too – especially Tom Waits, who hasn’t been to Australia since the seventies (I hear). And Waits has a wonderful version of our Waltzing Matilda, referencing our blood and whisky soaked past, inspired by his visit here: so he should come back.

Like Mikelangelo, these men are brilliant performers, and consummate song writers. It’s so good to hear old tunes like Sad Waters by Cave again – these melancholy old songs really endure. Like an idiot, I didn’t bring a pen and paper to note more songs down, but suffice it to say a nice balance of heartfelt and up beat songs were sung. There’s been a few tragic deaths of artists of late, and Mikelangelo made reference to them, tying them into songs, and giving them added poignancy.

Musicians such as Mikelangelo are who we have in our midst, and we should be way supportive of this world-class act. When you see him, buy a CD, or a vinyl: this ensures we’ll get to see him again. Altogether a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining evening.

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