Who’s Penis is That?

We just had a few more hours sleep and feel almost recovered after a weekend that set new standards in debauchery and sleep deprivation. (Formerly Bonkers) Bunny’s birthday party was the main event, and we’ll be posting some pictures from it later. To set a couple of racing hearts to ease, we wont be posting a picture of the girl flashing her breasts at us (unless she says we can), nor the shot of those two people who were in our bed early in the morning.

There is one naughty picture we’re going to post though. It was rather a wonderful coincidence really. The camera had been misplaced for a while. We found it at about seven in the morning, and we were idly discussing what we thought could become a new social phenomenon of people temporarily stealing people’s digital cameras, taking some lurid photos, then returning them.

To digress a little, it reminds us of a wedding we went to where, as seems to be becoming common, throwaway cameras were provided to all the tables. This was the beginning of our interest in taking photos of women’s armpits, quite a few of which were taken that night.

Anyhow, as the discussion moved on to other topics, we started reviewing the photos on the camera, and lo and behold, if someone hadn’t done it to us, for there on our camera was the photo below. At first we thought we must have done it ourselves and forgotten about it, but no, various tell-tale signs gave it away, not least that the fingers of the left hand are obviously not used to playing a guitar. Unless the hand belongs to another person? We didn’t think of that till now.

Will the owner of this penis stand up and identify themselves? Will someone, not the owner of this penis, but able to recognise and positively identify the owner of this penis, come forward and dob them in? Are the fingers in the picture attached to the same body as the penis? Stay tuned for further updates…

Who's Penis?

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