Chiffon #96. Pigs Might Fly


Swine Flu.

Well, Well! What do you know?


You know I think it is sad that we have not learned much about minimising contact.

SHUT DOWN the Airports, keep the ships at sea.

Stay at home.

Boil all water and…

Wear a mask.

It aint  gonna happen.

We are used to watching this sort of stuff at the moves and the telly.

Disaster movies.

These have mostly been about other places and there is always the heroes who are identifiable.

Not to many people in this country are aware of transmission of viruses, usually only after the fact. How many times have we turned up to work or a function only to encounter a stalwart of the work place (I use the term loosely), red nosed, hankie in hand, greeting you with an ‘I didn’t want to come in but I thought I had better keep my end up’, or ‘for the jobs sake’ or ‘I did not want to take a sickie’.

I have one question.

Why the fuck wouldn’t you?

You should be sacked for stupidity.

Now speaking of stupidity, what is with sol Tray hero?

In this day and age we were not having a go at you, or any other ethnic group in this country.

I think if we had a look,Sol, we have a few questions regarding ethics.

It is rather unfortunate (and precognitive), there was an add on tele about a bloke called Sol who was responsible for looking after the machinery of a gangster outfit, not unlike you and Telstra.

I suppose looking back it was not looking forward, but if you want to look forward, I don’t know how far or for how long? About Eighteen weeks? I think that the paid parental leave is a great idea and a long time coming, although once if you suggested that a woman go home because she was pregnant you would have incensed them and if you may have observed that morning tea was turning into a shower you could have been sacked for intolerance, misogyny or ignorance and indeed there exist lists that will clearly point out the offensiveness of most observations of the colleague at work.

Finally I wish to sing the praises of Labor’s ugly duckling for getting into the treasury at budget time and swanning about and doing what we all would have done. Spending the black. I do the same with jellybeans, eat the black ones first.


Chiffon XXX

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