Gertrude’s Diary #114 – The Rabbit and The Cat

I guess you can never make these sorts of decisions for others.  I mean, you raise them and then you hope they’ll have the necessary resources to live their lives well, but you  just can’t predict how they’ll turn out.  I always hoped he’d at least find someone who was kind to him, but this one just slinks around arrogantly, and is as likely to smack him in the face as pay any attention to him at all.

At first it seemed innocently playful, but now I’m not so sure.  I don’t think either of them realises how dangerous they’re games are.  You can tell that the claws could come out at any second, but the rabbit just follows along, oblivious to the threat.

And he’s not subtle about it.  God forbid the cat should turn its back; the rabbit is there in a flash, a small, brown frenzy of ineffectual thrusting.  It’s quite twisted and I’m not sure it should be carrying on in front of the children.   I mean, if a rabbit can form a sexual attachment to a cat, what’s to stop some bloke getting off with his neighbour’s dog?  He’ll just plead it’s natural;  “Captive creatures removed from their natural environment do all sorts of weird shit, your Honour.”

This is all going through my mind as the cat gets its jaws in a death grip around the rabbit’s throat.   But once again the cat releases him and walks nonchalantly away, the rabbit trailing close behind, a tremulous wreck of a creature.

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