Coffee Bitch #59. Hansel and Gretel, Phillip

Coffee Bitch

four beans

Hansel and Gretel, Phillip

Watch out for the Dragon Lady they said. I have no idea what they meant.

I must say I came in pumped, a little short of time and festering with the hunger to exterminate mediocrity.

So the coffee gets to me in under three minutes. It’s good, and an ashtray is proffered. I’m stumped.

There is no disguising the palate and aroma of freshly roasted. This blend hits you subtly with the notion you are imbibing of fruit bush product. Subtle like a cricket bat. This subsides relatively quickly to rich, brown and sandy goodness of dark roasted fresh ones.

Begrudgingly I actually enjoyed this coffee. Which is a relief because Hansel and Gretel has existed in one form in or another in Woden since butcher stripe jeans were cool. And the dealership on the corner sold new Hemi’s. Orange ones.

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