Evil Alisandra in Wonderpark II.

Woden Hospital

Inspired by the Syko-Sematic Cauldron of Woden Psychiatric Services Unit (PSU) Canberra.

Woden PSU

Evil Alisandra has been a recent but regular inpatient at Canberra”s Psychiatric Services Unit (PSU). The place makes her feel safe and she keeps finding excuses to stay. She has friends there, the food is great, and “they” keep each item of her belongings in a separate place in case she escapes.

The medication is given to her each day whether she likes it or not. Along with others, she performs handstands and cartwheels and spins around quite a bit in one spot listening to music – usually Electro Trance. Probably in the Sematic stage of Syko.
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So much for the alien bi-polar theory (is there one?). Although I”m sure there are some still swirling around within one of DEWR”s (old workplace) many wormhole”s – some man made. I’ll introduce myself as Evil Alisandra although I do normally write for myself as myself or as EA would say – she find’s it therapeutic.

Please become confused – you’ll need to be in Wonderpark.

So as Evil Alisandra makes her way to the unemployment benefits queue and into the active participation model continuum – not.

Chapter 1: Peter Pan”s Chocolate Poltergeist

Oh yes…the syko ward and the missing four or so weeks – this visit was number six – I think. Becoming part of the furniture so much so they forgot what I was there for not to mention the accusations of possessing ESP, having seen alien space ship things,
having the ability to mind control couples (?) and of course mental telepathy, claiming to be married to a certain person and the mention of the odd politicians name. Worth a stint in the High Dependency Unit (HDU) the internal lockup within PSU – solitary
confinement almost.

A visitor saw two ‘holy spirits’ (probably a movie “star” or two) and I swear the ‘up all hours of the morning’ person with Peter Pan Syndrome (PPS) channeled the poltergeist, that wrote the touchy feely note on the courtyard blackboard, was Cleopatra wig girl. Thought did cross my mind sitting alone in the smokers PSU courtyard on Xmas day that I just might be the only person in Canberra in such a predicament – not good.

Silence of the bean bag potato I mean an Olanzipined/Epilumed Evil Alisandra which to “them” means some peace and quiet although if they had their way I”d be comatose. Then again there”s always something happening around Canberra and an invitation to Mooseheads (local – one of them..) Might be the go although it”s only early and lets face it the others are pissheads (more than me) and they”ll be there for ages – it”s summer after all.

Having the CAT (mental crisis) team coming around each day to make sure I take my meds is a pain – they”re rarely on time and it is intrusive although the last two were okay – wanted a look around they must see a few places each day.

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Silence of the moths – better not change subject matter too often or could be mistaken for having “flight of ideas” or delusional thoughts of superiority – all bi-polar manic depressive disorders although they should work out that if people were left alone their mania would not exist as being chased around by CAT team members with needles and intruding on a persons space on a daily basis must account for some delusion in the community – having experienced it myself.

Maybe the neighbours who call police when hearing someone shouting should think twice before making the call as it results in pig pen treatment needles drugs and days of seclusion in High Dependency Unit (HDU) or PSU – look it up or have a visit yourself – (they”d last five minutes).

Spoke to Vacuum Man man this morning (does corridors in units) who was interested to hear that the Thought Police had captured me for a month again (not funny as you can imagine) as he”d wondered where I”d been. So I”m to keep my voice down while cursing the entire world, DEWR (old workplace…) in particular, and persons in particular, but let”s not go there as it should all be dealt with and I”m to move on…. whatever. He checks up on me and has seen me alive which is good.

Bi-polar – whatever. Each visit to the doctor resulted in them telling me I was this or that with some disorder, I mean it”s enough to send anyone crazy and force them to unnecessarily question their own sanity. I on the other hand realised that these doctors were seeing me after a stressful situation (such as being locked up) or a phone call to a disowned relative and was having my finances taken away by the PSU sadist nurses and the Public Trustee Fund? Please…. who are these self-appointed guardians of those who do not require their assistance?

Of course I was agitated, well let”s not go there. These doctors were never seeing me as they were not there most of the time except every few days when they turned up to make a 30 second assessment of my life and mental state before assuming I should
stay incarcerated for another few days or weeks – time for action.

So I played their game in the end – not fun it shouldn”t happen it”s just wrong. A clear-minded doctor saw me on Xmas day or Boxing day and I was out that evening or so – a relief although not forgotten. You really have to see it or have it done to you to believe it. At least my real estate agent saw what was happening – gave some good advice (ex cop).

Regular visits by Chiffon and Loadedog eased the burden of confinement although as one might imagine Chiffon certainly made herself visible and audible. She”d had her bag of M&Ms (without peanuts) stolen by Rails (inpatient) and had made quite a fuss by the time I”d got them back for her – not to mention the fact chocolate and munchies are an issue for sadist nurses waiting to pounce on anyone on suspicion of the weed – including visitors associated with Evil Alisandra.

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Invoking Eminem is not a good idea for EA – and she wasn”t happy with Chiffon who”s behaviour attracted the attention of the sadist nurses and was probably responsible for EA”s few extra days inside – so it”s not always funny is it.

Evil Alisandra

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