Evil Alisandra in Wonderpark II. 3. Silence of the Forest Lambs

Woden Hospital

Always fall back on a character in a book that you may be writing. This may have assisted me in escaping the clutches of the PSU sadist agents… they couldn”t work it out – too quiet all of a sudden. Anyway it”s my story started by another person, no names and it would be a good kids’ story although the other person”s direction started to steer away from reality a bit and started inserting skateboards “let”s go baseball cap on backwards”… yawn.

Stick to the pomegranate tree darling…. Tangle Witch is watching. If the nurses could see this they”d probably label me as being manic when in fact I”m casually sitting in front of this PC and doing what I normally do and that is rave on about much to do with nothing much with the odd computer game and jobsearch stint in between.

All sorts of characters in PSU are having Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT). Yep the shock treatment, not that that”s anything new as it has been going on for years – don”t know what the outcomes are except I have a feeling it leaves the executioners scratching their heads and the victims lose their memory for a while (hilarious). They tried to do such on my ex and disowned sibling in 86 or so – should”ve….

More tips for getting out – read books to do with animals and VETs. Two days in pyjamas walking and reading a Tibetan book at the same time seems to suffice as a convincing ‘I’m as normal as the Dalai Lama? You tell me…. it worked for Pyjama himself who was out before me.

Want to find out what it’s like in PSU? Feign anxiety at the doctors, call out in public a few times – insulting the system or cops will do, and get yourself a stint – enjoy the anti psychotic/mood stabilisers.

Like the guy at our PSU left over Sunday xmas day dinner cold chicken with that disgusting salad dressing in coleslaw – said he was an alcoholic and a lawyer and he was on anti-psycotics, then I heard him the next day asking what he had to sign for his 2 hour daily leave… needless to say. I said ” bet you didn”t expect to find yourself in this (dire) situation did you”? He didn”t reply.. I ignored him from that moment – too healthy walking around in circles trying to kick the habit – little did he know this displayed manic symptoms to the nurses who were feeding him drugs – a circus.

There were the boring non smokers who stayed in their little quarters – terrible. I had to resort to that in the end – too much wheelchair circus antics with special forces was getting me down a bit so I went to the reading land of ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’, with vets, cows etc. Two good spy novel type books were nicked by Wheelchair John and nothing I could do could get them back. I think he thought he could magically read them by constantly keeping his books in his pocket (been there – haven”t we all – sort of).

Magic Book Syndrome – very handy for kids story time. I could imagine or making up rules if you”re a monk (this is what a priest told me). Caught up again with Father Alec the Canberra hospital priest in the PSU ward and he agreed that there wasn”t much wrong with me. Don”t go there although invoking seems to be a skill EA has picked up over the last few months.

Got communicised (got Catholic’d if you prefer) also which was much needed during the Antichrist blue fetus attack (Pope JP2 required also). He brought along his Orange Spaghetti Gun (thanks to Lethal) and Ninjas courtesy of the turtles. Eggs Benedict was nowhere in sight.

Blue Fetus Alert – from Jung and Freud

Let us dream about firestairwells….

(feeling sleepy?)

a door in

but no handle out.

sounds like…. HDU or PSU with Nurse Ratchett

and some other shady character depositing you in there

never to come out – except I did

and I know who they are

and if you did

you wouldn”t dare to care

see ya.


Evil Alisandra

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