Evil Alisandra in Wonderpark II. 6. Danielsun is here

Woden Hospital

Aboriginal Michelle escaped probably for another stint at the American embassy (she got past the guards last time). Ninja (homeless apparently) Ninja”d himself over the roof without detection except for the bent gutter and a displaced tile. Cleopatra Wig Girl spent much time looking puzzled over the incident. He managed a 1 1/2hr stint outside and “just in” Justin escaped to return (involuntarily).

Some people volunteer themselves in there (very very strange….) but once they”ve got you the nurses I guess need something to do and to be employed – they don”t let go – it”s insane. I myself went AWOL (absconded) last time which got me all this attention… and an extra 2 weeks – who”s the big brother here….. anyone asking?

Some of the carers and nurses speak to people, well to me anyway, as though I am mentally defective that “bi-polar” or whatever has affected my intelligence – like one Croatian woman said after a patronising question was put to her after a walk to Garran shops – “so what did you do on your walk today”? “As though I”m two years old they speak to me” she said. It”s painful – get rid of those people and that entire complex it”s evil.

I mentioned this to them as you can imagine and it seems they must either speak like that to everyone – it”s in their manual – or they really do think and believe anyone unfortunate enough to end up in woden hospital PSU suko ward is a retard. Lucky I”m not the only one who noticed… and heard a couple of instances when they were just over the top – those people think and live in boxes.

Danielsun (Mcfadden) made an appearance last time in PSU courtyard a scene from hell I can tell you. They dragged him off somewhere after a couple of hours – he sunbaked on a blanket for a while. The place is a holding cell. I said (loudly) to him “Brendan and Gypsy bar” a couple of times to snap him out of his situation – the others must”ve thought it was code. Stealth used to pay him to stay away from the Gypsy (“the G” in memoriam – Goths) for long periods of time but he”d be back for payment.

The last time I saw him was at Charmers in Manuka with stigmata blood (dramatic) cuts and blood smeared all over his forehead as though he had been wearing one of those thorn things – he didn”t want advice. Anyway saw him last night at KOM (local pub) he called out Cleopatra a couple of times or more…. which made me shudder (at the chip machine) told him if the nurses caught him calling me that I”d be straight back inside with him attached. Anyway he was the norm but wearing newspapers socks – gave him a goldie but of course he wanted paper money for “paper” socks – he”s not stupid.

His Simonette pic (above) is special to him. I told him they”d got me for a month – didn”t mention the other times… seems we have something in common as well as all the others who”ve been through that ward.

Have they now captured so many of us that they”ve run out of new Canberrans and are concocting new potions and mental diseases to keep them employed? How about post traumatic school/work/slow right lane driver syndrome – acronization time – PTSRLDS with drugs to match: Zionamizine, Pynethatol, Vornital, Ranzapol or seriously Epilum, Olanzipine, Risperidone, Temazepam, Lithium, Valium or Antidisestablishmentarianism. They gave me Temazepam etc. after the borg impersonation.

Saw Archie today – his mum had dobbed him in so the cops took him to HDU for an overnight stint. They let him out and to tell the truth. There didn”t seem much wrong with him except for the family gathering that went wrong obviously and got him chain smoking again. Something about wanting to kill ‘her’ and another relo… sounds familiar :]

Cleopatra Wig Girl seems to be a permanent feature of PSU and she”s been there with me a few times – oh dear and her voice is still resounding in my head. She doesn”t stop talking and is up all night and she”s a golf champ apparently. They”ve got her on all sorts including a regular injection which makes her shuffle around all day in her wig. The other blonde curly wig was stolen by Gypsy who brushed it and ruined it completely although the girls at the other end were always complaining about stuff going missing so I stayed away from it.

I tried on her Cleo wig so did Ninja who could”ve escaped in it (in a dress). I think I was done for an eyeliner once but I got out of showing mine by mentioning eye disease – for some reason black eyeliner is the go for nicking whatever and don”t mention the mascara.

Gypsy got a once over by the latext men. Using baby shampoo to remove her jewelry she ended up face down on the vinyl lounge. Her fault for having so many rings but she did say a few nanoseconds before her downfall “I”m going to do it”. I was ushered outside for a full view through the immediate window. Oh well she came out of it just don”t mention “the eggs”.

I wanted Cleo”s Nefertiti necklace for protection worn then by Ninja who wouldn”t give it up even for five minutes as we had big N protection fever and I thought I might cash in but to no avail – anyway it went missing later. I think Ninja was supposed to be a skinhead.

Jehovah was still in there a few more ECTs later and complaining about his and our bones being experimented on and body parts wrapped in plastic in fridges kept by the Satan worshiping (wrong type) staff etc. Not happy except for still having some tobacco – the usual port royal stuff.

Where are they now?

Ninja was last seen claiming welfare and is soon to be incarcerated “apparently”.

Pyjama was last seen at a barbie in Glebe Park (local green zone) reporting on Ninja’s predicament.

Diamond Eye was made redundant as was EA (groan).

Cleopatra Wig Girl was last seen swigging a screw top in Manuka near Coles supermarket.

Dr Bruce has encountered EA”s anti-Public Trustee Fund campaign and is laying low for a short while.

Cigarette Lady has been there 35 years too long.

Cigarette Man was not included in this latest segment although he does exist and takes exactly five long puffs each cigarette.

Fortisip and crew are still working hard.

Aboriginal Michelle is talking to the snake.

Polish Stalin got a new Grandad shirt and should be eating onions and garlic.

Rails got back on track and now knows some real killers.

Crutch Stick is spreading good cheer from Ainslie Village.

Gypsy”s whereabouts are unknown although a career as 007 might be the go.

Archie was last seen in PSU at EA”s most recent stint during March 06 and probably still doesn”t like his relatives much.

Purple Round Nurse is still PSU obsessed.

Wise Sage continues to see it all.

Chiffon and Loadedog are doing what they usually do.

Tangle Witch has gone in for puppet repairs.

Vacuum Man original carny with the Bunda Street Super Loop ride has disappeared for now and the hallway needs doing.

Nurse Ratchett is being interrogated Rexona style – EA hopes.

Wheelchair John SOS’d his secret ladybird and got rescued.

Simple Simon and Makeup Girl – who cares.

Toast is active.

Lethal is in the mosh pit – probably toasted.

Gypsy Bar is no more and the Goths go somewhere else.

Danielsun is somewhere again too.

Jehovah is waiting for help.


Tut “with an” ankh “probably in” armen wasn”t available.. maybe next time.

Jobsearching is now EA’s new and frustrating pastime. She’s experiencing the usual requirements of speaking to inexperienced receptionists, filling out indoctrination forms and emailing her resume into the usual employment agency void – although to be fair a couple are pretty good. Easy listening born again music in the background (local radio) is not helping and the beanbag is becoming moulded into ‘constantly in front of PC mode’. The online bill is mounting and no sign of a pay packet in sight.

Evil Alisandra

2006 some time

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