Evil Alisandra in Wonderpark ll. 8. Unemployment Benefit form 40

Woden Hospital

Evil Alisandra couldn”t make it to mental health for her fortnightly injection so they visited her at her workplace. Into the sick room where she got injected. Very nice and she”s now feeling normal. EA is now unemployed. Newly self-appointed case managers find her interesting. She has avoided them so far.

Help its the Aliens Again

It”s bad enough being told your temporary contract is going to expire before time let alone at the same time having to listen to those permanently employed, at the same level, moaning about how boring it is at work and how they”d rather be somewhere else… “Lucky you”ve got a job darling”” is the only response EA could muster. She reddened – the moaning Lisa Simpson that is (there”s always one around – to be sure). Freddy Kruger laddered her stockings on the basket in the womens” toilets only to claim it on expenses. I mean it”s bad enough she claimed a meal allowance each day – she needed plastic pipes covering those legs anyway.

Seeking.com for Career No.1 jobs on the internet is particularly pointless seeing as the consultants have usually filled them their end directly before the opportunity to send an application into their email void actually eventuates. When it does occur the position is usually filled, if not, has a few applicants directly referred to from the agent. Yes the whole online process seems to be pointless for EA. Consultants who don’t remember who you are and don’t bother reading the resume are really annoying also.

Don”t decorate your desk. Three irreparably scratched CDs looking very nice in metallic pink, purple and green attached to EA”s partition attracted the attention of the aliens. Or was it “are you trying to contact the aliens”
EA downloaded a NASA programme, accidentally of course, from SETI – which sent out signals into space from her personal computer. Unfortunately, or fortunately however you look at it, her computer was at work and connected to the network.. do do do do do Hal are you there etc.

Anyone noticed their computers acting up lately.. I mean what if? Personally, EA has always wanted to be beamed up and with a picture of Star Trek”s enterprise accompanying the CDs it was all too much for some of her humanoidish colleagues who reacted quite strangely to Wonderpark. How you may ask? Ask the aliens (greys) you may have more luck and don”t they know everything?

Cafe work, more interviews and stress is the next go – then what next? Extra-anious activities? Having worked in the public service for over 20 years, EA was amazed to find existence of a 20 year old APS6 with his bum crack showing (low cut jeans) or maybe the fact he”d been lolly scoffing and admits to liking alcohol too much. EA thinks she is probably better off out of there before another episode of “WHICH FUCKING PLANET HAVE I BEEN TRAPPED IN” commences. Resulting in High Dependency Unit (HDU) and more cigarette talk.

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