Evil Alisandra in Wonderpark ll. 9. Logos in Legoland

Woden Hospital

Cut off the second “l” in Allens (discount store logo) and what have you got? Aliens – oh what a revelation. Play with the 2nd “o” in Captain Cook Crescent? Oh and nice “Welcome to My Nightmare” combie van seen driving along that very road. The Kingston shops sign has gone – EA almost got lost today because of it – most disconcerting. Who owns a stop sign?

Gorman House markets are always the same – the food’s the same and so are the people – Hippy Dippy. EA likes going there because it is culturally fulfiling. One or two clairvoyants may have hit the mark although they could also be dodgy considering where they’re operating from. Overpriced crystals and dud Ethiopian food (apparently it’s not real). As for the run of the mill coffee outside in the noisy van Cafe Little Hell – well that’s run by EA’s blue fetus ex-sibling and for which the Orange Spaghetti Gun was invented. It’s personal. Don’t drink it.

Ronald the syko Clown was at Makaz in Belco – scary. There”s a larger than life hollow, probably aluminium, replicant sitting on a seat near the counter and EA swears he has red eye. EA also swears he picked up her thoughts of “you wouldn”t want to be hungry around here”. The service is slow and shit and the staff don”t seem to know what they”re doing. What happened to “if
you don”t get your burger in one minute – it”s free”.

As for the episode in Manuka one night, they had disinfectant stinking out the place and milk crates on the counter ready to be packed up. The service guy started experimenting with the orange juice in cups in front of EA as the machine had been packed up before time. After attempting to eat a burnt dried up McOz, Ronald must’ve whispered something in EA’s ear. That’s probably why the e lemonade ended up on the floor and the McOz (which was shit) on the window to remind them of the movie when that guy didn”t get his Sausage & Egg McMuffin at 10.29 and 59 seconds am – too late for breakfast he was.

Who’s Ronald anyway?

That movie was something about corporate logos etc but whatever that place needs an overhaul – stick to the original food choices and where”s the root beer and McFeast? Too many deli choices and shit coffee although Makaz have made their own coffee brand famous – surprise!

Same sort of service in GungeGahlin with the Zen garden and no clown that day thankfully. Dicko has removed the hamster playground out the front consisting of multi-coloured plastic tube tunnels. I wonder if a kid got stuck in there unnoticed. Is that what the smell was and was that fat child rescued by Ronald? Who stuck a razor blade half way down the Jammo pool waterslide? Or was that an urban myth?

Evil Alisandra

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