Coffee Bitch #67, General Store, Moruya

Coffee Bitch

four beans

General Store, Moruya

This one’s a bewdy. With one massive reservation.

A cafe growth that has chosen the shell of an old-school general store as its host. It’s not downtown Moruya though the road it’s on is a mainline in town culture. It’s Saturday and three of the five cars pulled up out front have ‘Y’ plates.

This one is also busy during the week. Sometimes I find myself thinking that this style of cafe was invented by the writers of Neighbours and/or Home and Away. Monkey see monkey do. But maybe neighbourhood life existed before tv? Maybe?

It is worth noting that this cafe bravely provides ashtrays on the tables in the garden. Solid gold. You may also choose to sit on the veranda or get cosy with the food smells inside.

Some bean blends are offered for sale as well as an excellent selection of stove top pots. Which is a good thing because my major reservation is the somnolent work of the plentiful employees.

I could have bought a stove top pot, some beans, lit a fire in the gutter and cooked up at least two pots in the time it took for my order to arrive. No shit. It took 39 minutes and 33 seconds for my coffee and I had to ask twice.

And no it wasn’t the best cup of coffee I’ve had in my life, though if it had arrived under three mintues it wouldn’t have drawn much derision.

Maybe the employees need a coffee?

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