Evil Alisandra in Wonderpark ll. 15. Cracking a Nut-case

Woden Hospital

The disco under the Sphinx within the Golden Triangle for the black-eyed people, ‘Children of the Golden Dawn’ etc.. anyway the nightclub is really quite something but has a panic room installed for those watching 2006 and the unfolding of the 666 dimension. Who was asking which dimension EA was existing in? How about – DI_702-95617 (old AGS number). EA is not meant to be in 2006 – her double has taken her place in Year 6040.

Talking to spook land again landed EA in PSU the other week. Her apartment was surrounded by wormholes and the witches were swapping through dimensions in the corridors outside her door day and night. The baby breeders were passing black-eyed babies through the walls into the hands of carnys who were selling them at discount fairground prices.

Twas another Blue Fetus Alert (BFA) for sure. During the manic episode EA was forced outside against her will without keys or proper clothing. She remained outside for the night and most of the day – got picked up by an ambulance and deposited in PSU around lunchtime the next day.

She was given a bottle of water. The pig-pen treatment and injections were next. All she had done was lock herself out. Drama city. Telling a story is not a crime is it? All is forgiven though…. as the witches and warlocks needed sorting. As for the curious events within the corridors of Barton’s Landmark apartments that evening well… Those witches were forcing themselves out the doors and grabbing poor EA into various dimensions. Some realms were well within the regions of certifiable.

Sam from 1666 (died during Black Death outbreak) needed to withhold the Wicca witch from DEWR who’s been swapping between the alleyway behind the old Gypsy Bar and Gus’ wormhole – location Civic 35.16666 long/lat. He spooked her with a blow up green alien ($6.95) donated and brought to life by EA acting on directions as Avenger Agent 006.

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