Chiffon #102. The Big Question


What is the point to anything? What are we doing? Why are we alive? What am I? Who are you and why? What do you want? Why do we do anything? Why do you want to know?

What is the big question?

I went in search of primitive people, only in my mind (it seemed safer), and I gave thought to their needs and concerns.

I daresay primitive man had need for food, drink and shelter and his day may have been dedicated to overcoming obstacles that stood in the road to achieving those goals.

His kids would not have had the same concerns. Shelter, food and water were provided. I guess the kids would have perceived different obstacles that stood in the way of them achieving the same goals of food, water and shelter, such as getting enough of the food, gaining approval and therefore being sheltered adequately (be it primitively). They had time to improve on the old man’s technique ever so slowly (and here we are today) and I wonder just how improved (convoluted) survival has become?

Essentially man still has sight of the three ingredients to survival. His kids seem to have added more obstacles, but perhaps his kids have another agenda, another survival problem? Him.

The nature of child rearing does reek of opportunity to exploit. The fact that a child is a child makes it a dependant (as well as vulnerable) upon others for nurturing. Thus I assume primitive man hung in groups for security, a safety in numbers strategy. I imagine there would not have been a big difference between the haves and have nots. You were alive if you had it and dead if you didn’t.

Apart from the obvious dangers, what stopped anyone leaving?  What stopped them doing what they liked? There could be a few possibilities. Fear of the known, familiarity, no one really thought about leaving. Obligation.

Today human focus seems not to be on the three essentials for survival but more on realising the benefits of a couple of million years of development and work that has been taken out of the environment and incorporated into the infrastructure of our society.

That is having as much of what you like when you want it and to hell with everything else. At least that is the case in my experience of western society.
Are we seriously being misled?

Logically three will only go into six twice, and nine three times. The world is becoming more and more populated and at the rate of consumerism, science agrees we will reach a point of unsustainability, but that’s not going to happen tomorrow, right?

Luff chiffon xxx

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