Finding Comet McNaught

Click above to see large scale pics.

People of the long-toothed variety will recall the giant dud that was Halley’s Comet, which created a massive sense of underwhelment in 1986, cruelling astrology as a popular science for decades, and being the single most common excuse people cite for the telescope in their cupboard to this day.

Such people are reluctant to venture out to see new cosmic events but, nevertheless, a small crowd gathered on top of Mount Ainslie last night to see Comet McNaught flying into the sunset.

Suffice it to say that McNaught shits all over Halley’s. In case you’re wondering, the pictures of the comet are at the bottom of the gallery, taken from our street at the bottom of the mountain when we returned home. There are some indistinct objects in the sky in the mountain-top scenes. These may or may not be the comet, but are more likely Venus.

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