S.A.D. Sessions, Corroboree Park Hall, Ainslie, Friday 21st August, 2009
Bic Parker, Special Correspondent

Rock and roll and or any genre of musical endeavour gets pretty serious when artists from other places come together in one place to record for history their sound, and that’s what occurred at Corroborree Park on Saturday night. Eight o’clock was kick off time and the assembled mass sat quietly allowing the musicians to fine tune the equipment. A quiet unassuming humble sort of guy (Drew Walky) wearing glasses sat down and without a word started strumming and before long the whole room had been taken under the spell of musical notes and sensitive lyrics that eddied about the studio.

A most amazing exhibition of vocal dexterity followed in the form of Mal Webb who enthralled and cajoled the appreciative audience, providing a repertoire of wit and unusual lyrical structures. I was laughing (which I have to admit is very unusual) along with the rest of the audience who reacted to this versatile and practiced artist. This bloke was doing what Rolf Harris did with a wobble board but this guy was doing the same thing without a wobble board. Very entertaining (must see again).

Finally bringing up the trifecta was the Ellis collective, who whilst introducing a new instrument, the saw! played some rather heart wrenching songs with the desired effect – no one wanted them to finish. But the night had come to a close and time pressed others to be elsewhere so, having laid a sally of songs down, the hall was returned to the way it was.

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