Chiffon #103. Mushy Ideas


How is it hanging? I myself have not stopped. I am bumping into this little mean eee the other day whilst down in one of the most understated places that the South Coast has got, that is the Araluen (you must stop and go mushrooming) Valley. There are of course nasties that exist and I don’t think eating any phungi agrees with some people. I am sure you have heard stories about people who had bad experiences form eating mushrooms. Such as Little Red Riding Hood.

Personally I am well and truly over it. I think I am having too much fun living in the cold hard reality that is my life and I prefer to pretend it is real. However I like to know I can cut it. It was a laidback day that just seemed to rush by repeatedly for a few hours in the afternoon.

The exercise revolution has come to the obesity debacle with a bevvy of time saving energy consuming devices that allow you to watch tele while losing weight and transforming midriffs, pecks, abs, uppers and lowers. Those advertisements are pretty rude and don’t encourage fat people to get outdoors and exercise, just the opposite. They tell you to stay home and keep the problem under the bed. Why doesn’t the government ban the sale of articles making outrageous claims similar to the ones that do and have been running nearly as long as fast food companies in this country? Could that be the cause of fat people being fat or going bankrupt? Lose weight while watching tele or for only a few minutes a day. There it goes, wish upon a star.

What about all the other crap they sell on tele? Answers to partnership compatibility by using the phone, simply type your name into the phone? Don’t you feel insulted to think anyone could even think anyone would spend money on this shit?

You certainly can see the obvious grab for money that is being undertaken by opportunistic business owners of nineteen hundred numbers and also sms numbers, supermarket and petrol cartels. What about Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn Ministries or our own Hillsong. Pity limited. Are they really selling anything? What is it?

I am also wondering about this oil slash gas spill in the Timor Sea. This whole saga is dodgy. Ever since the rise and fall of Howard I have been suspicious of a lot of things such as the way we got involved with Timor. Australia has successfully assisted in the running of democratic elections. After having chased the only voice of disagreement away.
We even patched up their elected President after an assassination attempt which was unsuccessful (the assassination, not the patching up). Are we Australians hoping to benefit this fledgling democracy, assisting them with trade deals, etcetera etcetra?

I am aware of the huge deal we have done with China to flog them gas. I did not realise they could float it to China (very lateral). This leaking rig is all alone in the Timor Sea and if it does not blow up another rescue rig is floating from Singapore to attempt to fill the leaking hole. It strikes me that if this happened off the Queensland coast there would be environmental groups up in arms, in fact if this happened anywhere else there would be a little bit more hoo haa. No one wants to own this drama yet.

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