Gertrude’s Diary #124 – Gertrude Rising

I’d like to thank everyone who wrote or called with their words of support following my last rather bleak post. I actually found the whole experience quite cathartic, and I want to reassure everyone that I’m okay. I have my dark moments (and I probably always will) but, perhaps counter intuitively, I also benefit from my personal experience of pain and sorrow. While trauma does not necessarily confer compassion, humility, respect or sensitivity, I do think that my experiences have given me a fuller understanding of the importance of these qualities. The anger and hurt are symptoms of a resentment that grows when this bigger truth is not acknowledged; namely that a great hurt that cannot be mended must instead be transcended. (I’m with Plato on this one: the unexamined life really isn’t worth living.) In my case, transcendence has come with a lifelong interest in the behaviour of my fellow humans (clinically they call it hyper-vigilance, but let’s not split hairs), which has in turn helped to inspire this blog.

Thus having cultivated the ability to notice and laugh at the world and all its nonsense, I offer the following observations for your amusement. Saturday morning children’s sport: why not just have a special injury service instead of this elaborate and time-consuming practice? “yes please, I’ll have three falling overs, a ball to the face, an elbow to the head and just a sprinkling of grazes thanks.” I agree that physical activity is good for children, and certainly working as a team is important, but does it have to involve chasing a berluddy ball? Have you seen Dickson playing fields on a Saturday morning? It looks like a re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings in there.

Funniest Home Videos: As this seems to be a television show that appeals to all ages and tastes, I thought we could revolutionise our lives to take advantage of its captivating format. Kevin Rudd and his cabinet could fall down the stairs in Parliamanet House to get our attention, and Malcolm Turnbull could do a few spectacular tumbles down the hill at Parliament House, preferably losing his pants in the process. And Bob Brown and the climate change scientists could get a few dogs to urinate on a small child holding a globe of the earth. That one always gets a laugh, and it is a good allegory for what we’re doing to the planet too.

I wonder if Channel 9 would be interested?

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