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Domus Adultus. Hippo Bar, Thursday 27th August, 2009
by Bic Parker, Special Correspondent

I am early yes? You are early replied the French looking girl in the red beret in the doorway. What’s going on? I inquired. She said little and ushered me upstairs. I entered the Hippo, Garema Place, Thursday night. I wanted to see what was on offer in the way of entertainment.

Live music. I’ll be honest. The first act had started while I was practising my schoolboy French downstairs with Piaf, and from what I could tell, there was a Kraftwerkish feel to it, a bit like the autobahn from on the roof rack (that might not be their fault) but hey, they were doing it.

The vocalist, whilst I could not hear well enough due to the bass in the fold back, added a different dimension, and I found a sort of hypnotic, mononotonous, musically repetitious zone in which I listened. Worth the experience. I found them listenable. And good on them for sharing.

Following right behind was an eclectic combination of syncopated vocals and jazz guitar that for some reason was just not ringing my bell. I daresay that was the case with most people. They were tolerant of the artist. But chatter in the room definitely escalated and I thought fight, fight, fight. But the guy entertaining us (I know he was doing his thing, I was just not digging it as well as I could) decided he had no more. He had stopped to allow a bloke I have seen perform solo and acoustically, hop in with his band.

Mick Devanavic (Ed – Nick Delatovic). And they were plugged in. Really! they were plugged right in, and right from their first riff, I was trying not to look uncool, by tapping my feet. People around me were madly tapping and bouncing and I felt I could hear a Mansarek element to their sound. They sounded good and the pitch of Mick’s voice cut a vocal that commanded the audience to enjoy. The keyboard gave the combo that urge to gallop on and the guitars responded with tightly delivered rhythms, culminating in an explosive set that was genuinely appreciated, if not by everyone else, certainly by me.

Finally, as luck would have it, a trio, a flautist, acoustic guitar and drum keyboards, by the name of Supernova. Changed the pace completely. The place needed some decorum. They delivered an acceptable performance with an unusual combination. Possibly this was not the best venue for them. But I had to go as I had to plane to catch, after yet another entertaining and enjoyable evening in a venue that has not reached its full potential yet.

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