Gallery Four

Mariana del Castillo, Limbo Mania. Gallery Four, CMAG
Bic Parker, Special Correspondent

It was overcast. It was going to rain.

This exhibition quite exemplifies the trend of needing to make a statement and stating the obvious that seems to preoccupy the artists of today.

Mariana originally comes from South America, a continent that from our point of view has been burnt, raped and pillaged by history going as far back as the Incas, Mayans, Portuguese, the Spanish, the Americans, dictators and drug cartels. There is a history of oppression.

On entering I was transferred to a panorama of symbolism, an atmosphere of carnival and spectacle that surrounds the judgment and execution of the poorer person by the richer, the defenseless by a system of laws, the exceptions, being judged by mediocrity.

This seems to me, to be on the surface, too obvious… let’s look harder.

References to Bosch’s Purgatory, the tortures and trials that beset those who fell foul of the church and therefore authority. The twists of one’s mind that is responding to the human condition and being pulled apart by what we refer to as a guilty conscience. A result of oppressive and manipulative Christian practices (creation of sins).

This exhibition has captured the qualities that catch our attention (souls) replacing traditional demons with those of our own making such as fortune tellers, cosmologists and apocatherys and their pretensions.

This exhibition possesses an insight into the artist’s psychological torture that accompanies so much that is society. Anguish, anxiety, Eros and mental illness and therefore fears.

Issues are not excluded from this display, but sit quietly waiting, behind the obviously attractive.

This is a sophisticated and nicely arranged comment and I would encourage anyone going near Civic Square to swing by. It is well worth the time.

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