Bush Confirms: Presidency a ‘Disaster’

Never in history has the fate of so many rested in the hands of one so ill-equipped. George Bush’s speech on Wednesday, thoughtfully annotated here, lays to rest the argument over whether Bush is the worst President ever for good.

Saddam Hussein, someone who should not bear comparison to a US President, was responsible for a literacy program in Iraq that won him a UN award. It may not seem like much of a claim to fame when stacked up against his atrocities, but can you point to anything positive at all that George Bush is responsible for?

I’ll admit that if you’re one of the richest one percent of Americans you’ll be quite happy with his tax policies and so on, particularly if you have stocks in weapons manufacturers, in which case you also probably enjoy his ‘proactive foreign policy stance’.

The rest of us must surely be convinced of the utter disaster that the Bush presidency represents for America and the world. Bush unexpectedly acknowledged this himself on Wednesday when he said ‘Failure in Iraq would be a disaster for the United States’. This man has signed his own report card, for surely there is nothing that can come out of Iraq that can approach being described as ‘success’.

UPDATE: Bush alarms TV execs with plans for wider war.

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