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Earlier this year I got involved in a sticky situation. I won”t go into the details here, but if I tell you it involved a banana, a ute-load of horse manure and an escaped donkey, you will get something of the picture. The upshot was that I ended up in the debt of a very odd middle-aged woman by the name of Chiffon who I have never met, we having exchanged all correspondences by mail (she refuses to acknowledge the existence of the computer).

Basically Chiffon has me over a barrel but she has very kindly allowed me to work off my substantial debts, simply by posting here her views on current affairs, she seeing herself as something of a social commentator. So, with no further ado, here is the first in a series of pieces by the wonderful (she made me say that) Chiffon.

Hullo, allow me to ask what the hell is happening. There is much too much negativity in my world and I would think your world too. Since I have been in this country, I have been like an endangered species. I have no say. Now I choose to have it. I am what you call new Australian, however I am not new. I am fifty, a classic and what is happening has always been happening. Exploitation, for that is what I think.

THIS IS NOT A NEW THING. It seems to happen over and over, to the majority of the population of battlers who are continually targeted by the people who occupy government. We buy their breakfast, they taxours and seem to justify their modus operandi by focusing on the obscure and pedantic political speak which sometimes creates the appearance of intelligence.

The price of petroleum for the average person is a little bit out of reach. So there are efforts to make it realistic, however the solutions appear to be a little out of reach. The powers to be and also the powers that were have all been caught with their pants and panties down.

When did they realize that oil was a non-renewable resource. SACRE BLUR maybe they don”t, maybe it isn”t. They have a lot of racing events that seem to proceed without ado or perhaps the cost is absorbed by increases in everything else and passed on to people who buy their own milk. I don”t drink milk myself, I drink my coffee black and have done since 1980, simply to remind myself that this country has a black history.

Also cows don”t drink milk so why should I. It is of interest to me to note that since 9/11 everything has been going up and at that time, speculation suggested that the target of terrorism was indeed the world”s economy. Looking around I think they are succeeding, but you say the hurricanes in the goddamned U.S.A. are the cause of the petroleum predicament.

Maybe it is, however I view America’s catastrophe as an internal matter in possibly a similar way America views the crisis in Pakistan. Refer to the United Nations. As I saw it America saw an opportunity for a little bit of natural ethnic cleansing. An effort to bleach the Blues, cull the population. Now they want to go to the moon and to Mars, at what cost and to whom and what”s the real reason? I wonder whether one day we will be paying for sunlight and who would we pay? Obviously those in control and in a position, say on the moon, to do it..

I have not had a whinge for a long time and now that I have I WILL SAY SOMETHING ELSE close to my heart not my head. The mental health system. What mental health system you ask and again I agree. This is a travesty. It would appear to many that the title mental health indicates a cure. It does not indicate anything else as far as I can tell.

It does not promote mentally healthy strategies, in fact the only strategy promoted is medication, less than satisfactory. This treatment is provided in addition with day to day drug taking such as alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, all easily obtainable by any person able bodied enough to fork over the money and the money is handed over by the government in the form of benefits.

There is also a question of beneficial occupational therapy, beneficial to the recipient of the system. Far too often I have seen first hand the lame efforts of mental health workers who insist in attempting to style themselves on the same level as Humphrey Bear or John Waters in play school. You know I really think it is a scam in a lot of cases; in any case it is dysfunctional.

Now what else can I whinge about? Bird flu, a pandemic, like that just cropped up. I doubt it very much. I don”t know if it is true. It must have been around the block before now, so I am curious why so many work experience people who obviously have had previous experience don”t have a handle on it or do they.

So in the meantime why not panic the population. Somebody I spoke with once suggested that AIDS was a way of dealing with problems of the third world specifically through targeting the population. It sounds like conspiracy. Mister Hackman where are you?

Now I hope you see what I tell you, too much negativity. I love this country and I know it has a big future and this is how, whilst on the subject of birds, Mister Hawke he got the right idea. Store YELLOWCAKE in the out back. Who knows one day we could serve it up to George along with a serve of Condilicia Rice as well as a smorgasbord from the United Nations famine relief tin.

The more I think, the more I start to wonder who are the terrorists,who is stalling the economy. For instance who decided to install that wiz bang state of the art computer software for all the wharfies to use? SHE DOESN”T WORK. Two and a half million a day it costs you and me. This is either terrorism or Capitalist democracy. One thing this container thing lacks is balls.


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