Chiffon #2

Hullo, and welcome to the second edition of my opinion.. An article consisting of things I have seen and heard and believe me what I have not done is probably not worth me doing. The thing, The vibe needs input, my input.

Another day has started or ending depending on when you get up and so I would just like to say I have done nothing. I can tell you I know a number of people who are very interesting and lead interesting lives but I have not seen them so I can not confirm or deny anything with them. I will tell you about me.

I was created in France by Two of their nationals, I think I was two or three when the boarding house, it was called that because it was all boarded up was evacuated due to some kind of national emergency, I knew it was an emergency because every one was yelling and rushing around.

The next thing I know, I am in a dark place and strange voices. This turned out to be indicative of my childhood. I frequented dark places and met many shady characters that if I had met during the day would not have been shady, alas, that is only a wish. The life of a person like me is hard work; forever on the lookout for a leg up in life. I do not know why but more often than not I am the one that has to put their leg up.

I remember this one time I was on this bridge looking over the balcony, which would have been four feet high, when this man he came along and stopped and he, well, anyway one thing lead to another and he lost my shoe over the edge I ran away crying, I loved those shoes.

The hardest thing was for me the eating; always I had to go to get this or that or maybe both things and on occasion all three things, for other people. This explains why so early on I was the only person to be with me constantly.

One day this man in uniform, he came to me and he told me that the highest authority in the land is looking for me, I think this means the government, and to cut a longer story shorter if that is at all possible. That was easy. So now that I am here I am making a life.

In this country I have done much traveling up and down and around, I must tell you it is very big as well as pretty, some places, I bet have not been seen yet. Why don”t you write to me and ask any questions you like and I will do much to provide with my response and then I will write to you.


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