Chiffon #3

I am getting into this telling of my day, however, if my day is up the creek you must handle it I hope.

Today was a bastard I broke down today first thing. This morning. It is going to cost lot money, a whole lot of spending money. POOP!

Now I am not very happy but who cares, who gives a care in the world, perhaps I am depressed but this could then mean I am bi-polar. I wonder if perhaps I say that the T.V. is telling me things that would do it.

I have seen this tack taken by poor little people with Narcissistic tendencies and over bearing mothers who have manipulated the systems and been diagnosed as in their heads enough to warrant special treatment and or consideration, with the result they are then trusted enough to take their own medication and allowed to then access additional payments such as carers allowance, mobility allowance, and students study allowance.

This then enables them to pursue socially accepted madness such as pokies, drinking, as well illicit substances. This one this last thing marijuana. It is wasted on these peoples. These people are not disabled they are mad. END OF STORY.

Last night, I had a crazy evening. NO, It was not crazy, but crazy for me. You see my very lovely friends, when I ring, they say, in their phone, are you coming over? I was very taken aback, this is a very lovely thing for me. It is a very rare thing for me to be invited or even asked out or over, not to mention under, anywhere and for me this mean I AM IN COMPANY WITH BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, ergo I must be this beautiful company to. THIS I wonder, maybe IT IS BECAUSE I HAVE A DISCONCERTING personality or maybe they feel big sorrow for Chiffon and maybe they was making up numbers.

Enough of this, who cares about this aside from me and you, who really cares.So anyhow these people who I love, they are playing with themselves and I think they have practiced much because they never complained, and I think their wrists must hurt, but I just enjoy watching and they play guitars and mandolin and the ladies, they open their throats wide and made such beautiful song. Later I have a cry to think they have me with them perhaps I am groupie.

Such interesting people and so talented. I will go now because my eyes are going to the toilet again and my glasses they make things like I am the scuba diver without a mask and I start to feel like the Elephant woman, but just before I do go, today marks the day thirty years ago that this country behaved like the peasants of my country 200 years ago. They got pissed off. Apparently the government, I think, she was out of sync, because they think they are in different country 400 years ago. Problem. This problem she has a solution, no? NO! Someone with a name sounding like curse and someone with a name like razor, he was a grasier (that works too) anyway these two they conduct a meeting and take the prime minister and they sack him and his ministers. THIS WAS UNFAIR DISMISSAL, but who cares, who really cares.


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