Vietnam Letters #51

Postmark 8th May, 1970

4th May 1970

My Dearest Sandra,

To-day was great, received two letters from you to-day, it’s just wonderful to hear from you, I can all most hear from you when I read, I love you, Sandra I love you to and am looking very much forward to seeing you on my R&R, it’s going to be wonderfull, to be with you again. It’s so hard to realise what it will be like, but it will be just wonderfull for I will be with you Sandra, you the one I love, so it cannot be anything but wonderfull. Darling I love you and will always love you.

Everyday about the same time, 2:30-3:00PM it rains like hell, and we get soaked to the skin, sometimes the sun comes out in time for us to dry out but we usually end up wet all night, and covered in mud. Sometimes it gets verry cold and is very hard to sleep, but belive it or not you get used to it. Lately we have been staying in the the same place for up to seven to ten days, which is good for we don’t have to hump our packs around, the only thing wrong with being out like this is you cannot carry enough food so we never feel very full as we have to make our food last. The day are starting to drag for me now, only twenty days &  I will be home to you my love. Sandra I should be on the first plane from Sydney on the morning of the 24th, should arrive in Sydney about 6AM on the morning of the 24th, and  think there is a plain from Sydney to Cooma every morning, but not sure of the time. Since we have been sitting around in Ambush for a few days at a time I feel much better and haven’t had any headaches, which is very good. Darling, I shall have to finish for now as I am on the next watch, shall write more later. I love you. Jock.

5th May 70 4PM

Sandra my love.

Well the rain has been and one and for once I am still dry. It’s really quite prettie after the rain if you don’t get wet and can enjoy the beauty of it. Everything is nice and green and the sun after the rain brightens things up. Well we are still in the same place, have really settled in now guess we won’t fell like moveing when the time comes to move. How are thing going for you now my love. I hope you had a good trip home from Canberra and have settled back in now. Well I have eighteen days to go untill I will be home with you, I guess you are looking just as forward to it as I am, Sandra I love you and it’s going to be heaven to be with you again eaven though it will only be short, but it won’t be that long and I will be home for good. The last time we got mail in I also received a letter from Mum, who told me all about the sale of “Alawah”, it a dam shame to see such a good little place go but I suppose that’s the way life goes. I also got a letter from Ron, quite a surprise to hear from him, it was good to hear from him though. My headaces seem to go for a few days but I had another one to-day so I took one of your tablets about an hour ago, here’s hoping it gets rid of it. Have you got the parcel of spirits and smokes I sent yet. They should hae arrived by now, I hope the bottles didn’t break. You can tell Sandy I got him a watch, a day and date and fully automatic, it cost twenty three dollars, so you can tell him to start saveing up to pay for it, I shall take it home on my R&R. Shall finish up for now my dear may write more tomorrow.

I love you. xxxx.

6th May 1970

Sandra my love how are you. The rain has just stopped and I am still dry, starting to get the idear of living in the wet now. We are still in the same place and haven’t seen a thing, so far so good. I don’t know but I think we will be here for another six days and then we may move out to Nui Dat. I hope so anyway as we are not getting anymore mail out or in and I want so much to collect you mail, also post this note to you. Sandra I love you and i’ll always love you, without you my love my life would not be worth liveing. I don’t think I will be able to post this before the eleventh, so it will be after the boys have their birthday, I hope you tell them that their father will be thinking of them on their birthday. It very easy for us while we are sitting around like this but it’s get very boreing after five or six days and we get verry restless, but at least we are not sweating our guts out. Boy it’ll be great to get home and have a deseant barth, haven’t had a hot shower since I left home, we were suppose to get one at Vung Jau but the hot water was on the blink when we were there, so have the old stove stoked up on the morning of the 24th. There are just no words to tell you how much I am looking forward to getting home and being with you my love. How are all the bills going, do you need any extra money to tidy them up, I may be able to fix some of them up when I get home anyway. How’s your fire wood supplie getting along, I suppose you are getting through some of it by now more so with the winter starting. Well Sandra it’s another day closer to being with you, I love you, and can hardly wait to be with you. Shall finish up for now, Oh there is one thing I must tell you, I love you.

7th May

Sandra I shall have to finish now as a chopper is comeing in and will be able to get the mail out. I love you dear and will always. Looking forward to seeing yo on my R&R.

Love you. Jock. xxx.

Postmark 11th May, 1970

James Street
N.S.W. 2628

(Fri) 8-5-70

My Dearest Jock,

I was so pleased to receive your letter to-day Darling. I am very lonely for you & lately I have been feeling very miserable & lonely without you.  It seems years since since we were to-gether, & I miss you so terribly much, & so do the boys. They have grown a good bit since you left. You will probably notice a lot of difference in them when you see them again. John & Mike at that dreadful stage of asking questions all the time, they ask why this & why that, & what for, all the time,  and it gets quite annoying at times  because some of the questions as just impossible to answer. Such as they may ask Why are you having a drink of water?” and I say ” because I’m thirsty” & then they’ll say “but why are you thirsty?” You can go on answering them & they will still continue asking why, in the end I just have to ignore them.

Gee the weather has been bitterly cold here the last few days, we had snow on Wednesday & on Thursday we had a few showers of snow & it has been very windy & cold with a few showers ever since.

I went to the Dr. yesterday as I have got my darned infection in the Vagina again. It isn’t very bad just yet, but I would like to get it cleared up before you come home on leave, for you know how it usually gets very irritable when we make love. Dr. Shedden said that is is probably the pill that is causing me to get this all the time (Dr. Wist said the same thing last time I went to him with it) & he said that after I have used the pills that I have got left to go back to him & discuss some other for of contraception.

There have been quite a lot of mice around lately, I have caught 4 since I came back from Canberra & Your Mother has caught about 8 or 9. Mother & Father are both sick with colds at the moment, your father seems to be pretty sick with his.

I guess, or I hope you are back in camp when you receive this , as it wouldn’t be much chop being out in the hot, wet & mud of the jungle.

When does John Gilbert dome home? Some time this month isn’t it?

I received the insurance for the car the other day. I will write up a cheque & get it ready to send away, after I have finished this letter.

I love you Jock & am looking forward so much to being with you again soon, only 2 day & 2 weeks now. I am so excited about being with again soon. I only wish it was forever. Well I  must close now my Dearest, May God Bless you,

Yours Forever,



Postmark 11th May, 1970

James Street
N.S.W. 2628

(Sun) 10-5-70

My Darling Jock,

Well to-day was Mother’s Day & it was happier than I expected it to be. I wasn’t really looking forward to it, as I thought it would be just like any other Sunday. But when your Mother called this morning, with your Mother’s Day present for me I was so thrilled, Oh, Darling, it is a beautiful watch & I just love it, & I thank you so very, very much for it. It made my day quote happy although it would have been much better if you had been here with me, I love you my love, so very much and am looking forward to being with you soon, this time 2 weeks time you will be here with me Darling & it will be just so wonderful.

Yesterday morning after I went downtown to do some shopping I called in at Nancy’s & then she insisted that we stayed for sinner, so we did & came home about 3P.M.

There was 8A.M. Mass here this morning & I set the alarm for 7.15 but I don’t even remember hearing it go off & I woke up at 5 past 8 which was too late then & must have gone back to sleep as I woke up at 10 to 9 when you mother knocked in the door, when she called with your present, & we gave her our present I bought her a plastic purse with flowers on it & a mirror on the bottom, it is for putting your makeup or toothbrush & things in when you are travelling. As I had missed Mass this morning I planned to go to Jindabyne this afternoon to 5PM mass which they used to have, but as I was getting ready to go this afternoon your Mother came down & told me that they don’t have the 5PM Mass up there anymore, so I hope God will forgive me for missing it this morning. I made it in time for 7AM Mass on Thursday but couldn’t make it in time 8AM this morning.

How are you Honey? How are your headaches? I hope you haven’t been getting anymore of them. Did those tablets I sent do any good?

Nancy, Ginger & family called in for a while to-day.

Margaret, Pat & family went away this weekend, to Narooma I think, some fellow who Margaret met at the snowy valley has a holiday cottage, which he is letting them have rent free this weekend. I called in there after Mass on Thursday & we had breakfast there & I gave Margaret back a pair of slacks that she gave me to take in for her, & she gave me a heap of winter clothes for the boys.

Well my dear I must close now, looking forward so much to seeing you soon, May God Bless You,

All my love,



P.S. Thanks a million or the lovely watch Darling

I love you


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