Chiffon #4

What an excellent weekend I had. But it was not without its worries. As I have already told you my car is broke and I have to find money so I can bail the bugger out before she goes to maximum security. And then my music she is stuck so there is much quietness in my world.

To balance things out I have taken up a new hobby: Yelling. This is a bit like hog calling but there don”t seem to be pigs, in fact you can yell at anything as well as everything and I have got a lot of things to yell at and so I am practicing for the local yelling comp on Friday night at the pub and I think also on the Saturday at the footy but we can yell anywhere, WHAT A GREAT SPORT.

Speaking of sport I have one friend and I think she is a good sport. Yesterday I was hearing much hoo ha from down the street, I go and have a look and there is my friend yelling at the T.V. I say what you watching and she say you are a guy and I think no I am a girl. Maybe she is what you call happy? I don”t argue with this, I go home.

Now I don”t think she is a good sport because now I think she is very strange and I have a reputation to maintain. Speaking of T.V. This morning I see that a certain multi-national is doing a horrible thing all in the name of self promotion. They have got some clown to say they will give one dollar, bloody generous, to not any charity but their own charity. If and only if you spend money buying their recently advertised, unhealthy food.

Further to this they are getting all this free labor from wanna bees who no doubt will blow their own trumpets and the multi’national’s trumpets. It does not escape my attention that this multi-national, when they first opened in this country, was guilty of exploiting young people by not paying appropriate wages, but you will say they have healthy food now. So what now? They get inexperienced celebs who don”t have training other than their own kitchen to serve this food! What of occupational health and safety don”t they know?

I think they don”t know how bird flu or any other airborne germ travels and how healthy is processed food. I once work in factory and you don”t want to know what happens behind closed doors and what things go on .What if cigarette companies gave one dollar to charity for every cigarette pack sold and if you don”t smoke you could buy a little bit of colored ribbon for five hundred per cent mark up.

Personally I think if you want to donate and be out of pocket as a result, do it directly and only when other institutions start donating so they are out of pocket too, if only for one day. I wonder if this strategy is employed in other places where there are more of their outlets? Perhaps it is not economically viable, but I really thought it was about donations to a needy cause, such as the famine ravaged third world, the reason for giving which dominated the last forty years. God knows how successful that has been.

Several weeks I have now been writing these pieces which is my thing that I do unless I am not doing it in which case I am doing something else. The sun she was booming down when I was how you say shattered awakened by my phone which is very insistent, is like a baby wanting a four o clock feed. It went on until I answered. This was how I wake up. I think it is lovely I have this opportunity to practice my yelling.

Last night, ohhh last night, what a night she was, again I went with my people who play music and are beautiful. If I say Velvet Underground, you know why I love and I don”t mind saying it, if I say Rumours you know why I love them, maybe!

I had a present for my friends , this I thought was OK, some thing to perhaps have for a wall in their house and see whenever they are looking. I tell you. It was a print from my artist friend who has a gallery of which I am not the director of any more. It is titled Smell!

This place the Galleria du Sorrelle, of which I once was director, I had to quit but this artist I know him. Still I just don”t have any power with him; we have good times, sometimes not so good. Like this one time he really gets up my nose just because I was leaning against this painting. How was I to know that it was just finished and it had taken him a long time and it cost a lot for materials and he went on and on. I think to myself, I just wanted to stand in the sun coming in the window and I have got wet paint all over my taffeta, and he started yelling KEN ELL, this is somebody I don”t know, so I leave the ungrateful son of a… Any way he could paint another one. Now we have made up and always we meet in the park

Today she is another day, it is and you know what? I think far to much in this day as I am upset. I have a big problem with bull shit and I suffer to much of this from this bloody world and I put up with it. Silly me. It also makes me feel yucky, poor me, and I woke up with an aching back from moving furniture as well as walking a lot. THIS WAS MY WEEKEND ACTIVITY, and it was hot and smelly because everybody else was hot and smelly. Looking on the flip side I do have a fashionable figure to maintain.

This is true and many men can tell you how beautiful I am, just probably not in English. Always people they turn their heads to see Chiffon when I am LEAVING and not just the mens but many of the womens ask me and just how do you manage? And I reply that it is not hard, God he just made me that way. It is better I carry this burden and it is what you would call a tough gig to follow.

I am not in how you say on earth, my mind is everywhere, Alan Shepherd went round and round and round, so at this moment I will go.

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