Chiffon #5

I am writing this so I don”t forget. Last night I hada funny and frightening thing happen to me whilst I was at this party (you probably think I just go to parties, however so what) well it was when we were leaving actually. In the headlights of the car was this man who turned around and pulled down his pants and bent over and showed us his impression of the Bruce highway. Chiffon did not know what to think of this stupid and permanently imprinted on the head thing he do. It is not even very funny!

This person. I cant even continue, I am disgusted and then I fell in my house and fell asleep, so I don”t have any major things happening, except yesterday, I was rushing around and bad luck is running around just in front of me. The parking machine. Now isn”t that a slap in the face for accuracy bugger efficiency, they stole my money yesterday and I know because I have two tickets I should not have got.

This is happens every time I go and do the right thing. By that I mean I took my glasses in to get repaired because I think I sat on them and I cannot do any thing so I am blind without thinking that I have too much drinking. Then I had to purchase, yes! Spend my own money which I hate because I hate it. Well I certainly have started the wrong way and some days I don”t want to get out of bed because I don”t. It is impossible to lie in bed when you know you have to go.

Now what is with this Christmas cancellation of trees because of bomb scares? Why did they invest in fantasies like Santa. Oh, oh, oh, but it is for the kiddies, what a load of hogwash we put down peoples throats, I was not aware that it was alright to lie, deceive anyone especially children, personally I tell you what I do to strangers who want me sitting on their knees making promises, hullo, just how stupid do you think I am?

Congratulations to welfare groups who have used this fear, show the courage of their convictions, by caving in to the terrorist groups by amending their traditions and lifestyle. Perhaps they are behaving like disillusioned children because Santa, snow as well as pine trees do not have a relevance to Bethlehem, wise men and as far as I am aware frankincense, myrrh were not made by coca cola, it is all about money, the love of it amplified by these welfare agency trotskies who use the needy as a reason to accumulate TOYS for distribution to the poor and hungry at xmas, simply serve and garnish.

Another thing I notice is the lack of drink drive ads on the radio in the mornings, why? I can only assume that the people making the ads drink and they put them on T.V. To pat themselves on the back at night.

We all know that reflexes are slowed minutes after drinking and how logical is it to put adds on at night when the majority are allowed and do drink after work at dinner etc. If you do not connect with a woman or a man you would not listen to them, so why do they expect their multi-million dollar ad campaigns to work? Nobody is listening, they are drinking. Also if you cant see the road properly after drinking, how can you see the television properly, let alone turn it or anything else on for that matter.

You know what I think? This place has got within its borders horrible peoples in it. Horrible because they are stupid. They therefore do and say stupid things to me: Chiffon can you do this? Chiffon can you do that? Chiffon what you think? I tell you what I think, if peoples want Chiffon to do anything, they better work out what they want and be able to support that with practical support. I am sick of peoples carrying on like pork bloody chops, just so they can look good in front of their friends.

I go to lots of trouble to help and often it costs me much more than it is worth and what do I get back. I tell you I got to put up with their boring lectures about water restrictions, about getting organized enough so that I don”t ask for cigarettes or worse, a glass of water, but when it comes the other way around chiffon have you got money, then I will help. Chiffon can you drive me to the open day at the radio station? Chiffon I am going away will you be minding my house? Chiffon can you take me out to buggery and pick me up three hours later? For this and many other services I provide I am ignored. How much is consideration, of feelings? How much is good manners? I tell you one day I will make them bend over and I will drive them home.Remember, I will.

There! That is off my breast, now I tell you what”s on the other breast. Does anyone remember Redgum? They sang a song on the top forty about Vietnam, more importantly about the war and much more importantly the individuals that were returned. Their next song was a ditty called I been to Bali too. I don”t know the words, because I laugh too hard to hear this sarcastic song, sarcastic to Tourists who go there to this condensed version of Bondi on Saturday.

My question is that if the first song concentrated on activities in a war zone, and was successful, how come nobody thought their follow up song (which was not successful) was not about a place that was a war zone and if not a war zone frought with the same dangers? Possibly because there was and still is not a war zone, may be I am wrong?

For fear of being stupid, tell me if I am wrong, If maybe we go to the Vatican and wear skimpy bikinis and bargain with the local cardinals over the price they charge for their locally produced icons and we have a few beers in Bennies pub, and think that our presence there is helping the local economy and the locals ( this is not hard to convince yourself when you are having a few, and that is gracious because I would think that after spending shitloads getting there, you would possibly drink a shitloads). This would never happen, of course not. But if it did the question is, what attitude would they, the local Catholics have of Australians, for instance?

I grow up very rough, so I think, but not as rough as others who speak like they were dragged up out of something. Now I have got to go, I want coffee and the water restrictions are still happening (it is raining).

Today I am starting with a story of overcoming adversity. Last night as I am watching my T.V. so I can stay two breasts with the news, my T.V. broke, she just went black. So I am with myself with grief, what can I do? I look out my window (I can see apartments over the road and I get a good idea. I ran to get my binoculars and guess what? I can see my neighbor’s flat and in the one next door, it was a little blurry, but I can see the T.V., so I watch it. I am reading lips .This I learnt from the many times people talk under their breath about me.

This news it was very boring I thought. I saw some man with a t-shirt that was a poor political shot but explains much that is wrong with this country. He was wearing a shirt that said I CANT TELL RIGHT FROM WRONG. What a poor misguided young man. The Labor party is left, not wrong and he is not the only one. Malcolm Fraser, he say the liberal party is unrecognisable. I agree this whole political party is a grey area and Chiffon she has been to better parties. Putting messages on shirts is not new, and I am glad that they have a shirt which says I am a thief, because this is a borrowed idea, stolen in fact.

Also I saw an article with pictures and I think it was excellent camera work. The missing link or something along those lines showed a tribe of human-like baboons or some primitive tribe of advanced monkey, who stood erect, they did not have lots of hair like monkeys, this truly must be a big breakthrough for DARWIN and his theory of evolution.
My friend she told me she is going to America. What for I ask? She told me it is a holiday; she is going to a place called Austin. I am happy but I am very sorry for my friend. Chiffon knows that to have a really good time whether your eating, going to the movies, or to a party you should go for a place with five stars and this place where she is going to be (I researched), this place she has only got ONE STAR, one, lone star.. I dread to think.

THERE ARE MORE STARS ON THE MOON THAN THIS PLACE, so I will try to humor my friend until she aims higher.


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