So Many Questions, So Few Answers

Why, when you’re leaving a party, do men sometimes feel compelled to run into the headlight’s glare and expose their buttocks? And why, when someone exposes their buttocks in the glare of your headlights, do you feel compelled to take a photograph or two?

And why, when you miss the photo opportunity and you call out to that man to do it again, do they always come back and do it again, and fondle their testicles for good measure? And why, when he’s exposing his buttocks and fondling his testicles, does everyone shriek and laugh except for the prude in the back seat who says ‘it’s just not right’?

And why, when you get home from the party, do you always feel compelled to put the photo, the only one that’s not completely blurred out, on the internet for everyone to see? And why, when you put the photo of your friend exposing his buttocks on the internet, with lots of associated text about buttocks and testicles and fondling and brown-eyes and flashing and sexy naked girls, do people, hopefully lots of people, come and visit your web site from search engines?

And why, when lots of people come to your web site because they searched on ‘sexy naked girls exposing testicles’, do they feel so surprised and disappointed when all they find is a blurry picture of some guy doing a brown-eye?

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