Vietnam Letters #52

Postmark 13th May, 1970

James St.
N.S.W. 2628

(Tues) 12-5-70

My Darling Jock,

I received your wonderful letter yesterday, Darling gee it’s wonderful to hear form you, & even more wonderful when I’m not expecting them, as you didn’t think that you would get any letters out to me while you were in the bush this time.

I forgot to tell you that the day before I went down to Canberra last your  Mother brought Brian a nice pair of light brown overalls & they have got a train on the front of them, & he says that it’s the train that you went in. He says “Choo, Choo, Daddy in dat un, ta-ta Daddy.” And when I tell him that you will be coming home soon in a big plain, he says “No-train”. I suppose he thinks that seeing you left in a train that you’ll be coming home in one. Gee it will be just great to have you home again, but I hate the thought of you leaving again. Mum gave me one of those copper rings, which are supposed to be good for reaumatisum & things like that, & I think that it must do some good as I hadn’t had any of my ackes & pains, even last week when the weather was freezeing with snow & everything. The last couple of days have been quite nice I hope it keeps up & you have some nice weather for your R&R.

When you come home, if you have any money to spare I might get you to pay the rates for me please Dear, as they are due on the 29th of this month & I also have an electricity bill for $9 which will have to be paid soon (the rates are about $46) as I don’t think I will be able to manage to get them paid unless I leave the car payment for a couple of weeks. That’s if you can afford it.

Bert called in for a few minutes last Sunday morning, it’s the first time he has called since you have been away. Mother said that he is thinking about buying Nortons house, across the road, but what with I don’t know. I really hope he doesn’t for I don’t want him calling on me too often, especially when he’s drunk. But I think he aught to buy a place in Sydney to live as it would save him a lot of plain fares down & back as he seems to be always off to Sydney every few weeks.

I love you my Darling & am so excited about seeing you again soon. I love you so very much.

I rang Jeanette yesterday & they may be over to see us one day between now & next Tuesday, before the kids go back to school.

Well I must close for now Honey. You have all my love forever Sweetheart,

May God Bless You,

Your everloving wife,



Postmark 15th May, 1970

James St.
N.S.W. 2628

(Thurs) 14-5-70

My Dearest Jock,

Well here it is the boy’s birthday, although they didn’t know it.

Jeanette, Vernon & family called this afternoon, & brought & cake & a bottle of soft drink, & they gave the boys their birthday presents & told them that they came to celebrate their birthday with them to-day as they wouldn’t be here for their birthday (or for when they think their birthday is). They gave them a toothbrush & holder for it which is a bear & a mug each, & they also brought a lot o toys that Jim & Chris have finished with, which they think are just great.

I received another one of your letters to-day Darling, which was just great, as I love you & miss you very much. I was really very pleased to see Jeanette & Co arrived to-day as I was feeling very miserable& lonely for you, & they helped cheer me up a bit.

I took the car down to Hitchens yesterday, for him to adjust the tappets, which he didn’t get done last time I had it down there, & there was no charge for it as it was in with the last job. I gave him $1 yesterday to put $1 worth of petrol in the car, but when I went to put the car in the garage to-day after he brought it back I discovered that he had filled the petrol tank, which was very nice of him. It’s not often anyone does anything like that for nothing. Unless he forgot & thought I gave him $2.

Joan rang your mother the other day after she had received my letter & said that they would certainly be there to meet your plane, when you came home on R&R. Gee, I’m getting excited Darling, it’s just 10days now untill we will be to-gether again. It is really hard to believe.

Well my Darling I must finish up for now as I want to write to Mum & Dad yet, & time is getting on & I don’t want to be too late to bed as I usually am.

I love you Jock & am always thinking & praying for you, may God Bless you,

Yours Forever,

Sandra xxxxxx

Postmark ? May, 1970

218807 Pte Jamieson
8R.A.R. Dcoy. 10. PL.
G.P.O. Sydney 2890

My dear Sandra,

Glad to hear from you yesterday, when we got re-supplied, received four of your letters. Sorry to hear that you had to pay duty on the parcel I sent home, but it seems as though every now & then customs put a duty now and then. Darling it’s great of you to think of me and book a seat on the plain but the Army book me all the way home to Cooma and pay all my fares. If the plain doesn’t go from Sydney untill 3pm on Sunday 24 I may be able to get one to Canberra and see your Mum & Dad, and someone may come down and pick me up, and I may get home earlier than 3 o’clock, but I will let you know if I do this as I will ring from Sydney and let you know. To-day we all come back to Nui-Dat as there is something big going on tomorrow in Way Long, but I will not be going. I have been put on rear details (working in the camp just doing general work) and will not be going bush again untill I come back from my R&R. It suits me, as I will have a chance to catch up on some sleep and eat some good tucker for a change, a whole ten days now before I will be on my way home.

Received a letter from your mother to-day, it was good to hear from her. The other night I had a dream and it was about you, I couldn’t see your face to good but all I could see was your arm and a small watch on it, I guess it’s a silly thing to dream about, but I hoped you liked it and it fits you OK. Darling there were a few things I wanted to mention but they have passed my mind and I just cannot think of them and I feel very tired so I shall finish up now my love, hopeing this finds you all well. Give my love to the boys. Sandra I love you and always will.

All my love forever,

Jock. xxxx

I love you.

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