Vietnam Letters #53

Postmark ? May, 1970

218807 Pte Jamieson
8R.A.R. Dcoy. 10. PL.
G.P.O. Sydney 2890

16th May 70

My Dearest Sandra,

Received your letter yesterday and am very pleased to hear from you. I am glad you liked your watch, I thought it would look good on you anyway. Well I only have a week to go and I will be on my way home to see my love, time is passing very slowly now, there are about fifteen of us here in camp at the moment and it sure keeps us busy maning the place, don’t get much time at all to our selfs, day or night. It rains over here every day now, don’t think I will ever be able to get used to it, it gets that muddy you can hardly walk around and when the rain stops you just turne into a lather of sweat, just as wet as if caught in the rain, but I suppose in time it will be all over and forgotten about. I guess it is quite cold down home now, after having a couple snow falls. It’ll be quite a change after being over here, but I have the best woman in the world to keep me warm and look after me. Won’t be able to get to the store before the 20th to buy anything, not that it would do any good anyway if I could as I have no money, am suppose to be paid on the 20th. Shall try and get the few things for your father. Well my headaches have seemed to be gone but I feel crook at times, hope I’m not in for anything before my R&R. Sorry to hear you have got that damn infection again. How are the boys getting along in the cold weather. I suppose you have to keep them inside out of it, and I guess they just about drive you mad at times. Sandra it is now 4.30PM and I have to go and do two hours on sentrie dutie so I shall have to finish for now and get going, shall try and get time to finish this note off to-night. Sandra I love you very much.

Darling it is now nine PM, have been of picket for an hour or so now, have been sitting around thinking of you and wishing I could stay home with you when I go home on R&R. Darling there is not much more for me to write about except that I love you and am busting to see you again and hold you in my arms again, I love you Sandra and will always love you my dear. Hopeing to hear from you soon, shall be loveing you forever.

All my Love, Jock. xxxx.

Am dying to be with you again Sandra, my Love.

Postmark 18th May, 1970

James St.
N.S.W. 2628

(Sun) 17-5-70

My Dearest Jock,

Only one week to go now untill we will be to-gether again. Gee it will be wonderful to see you again my love, & the boys are very excited about it too.

I received you last letter on Friday & I also received the slides from that lady, there are a few good ones of you in them. I also received a letter from Joan to say that they would be meeting you at the plain when you arrive in Sydney.

It is good that you are able to stay in camp for a while now & get a bit of rest & some food.

I have been having some awful dreams lately, I have been dreaming that when you came home, you didn’t care much about me anymore & we were fighting all the time. I don’t know why I’ve been dreaming things like that, for I know that you love me asĀ  love you & nothing could ever come between us.

This will be the last letter that I will write until you come home as you may not receive any others before you leave, if I do write more. Well I must close now as I have lots to do this week as I want to have everything nice for you when you come home.

I shall love you forever my Darling,

Yours always,

Sandra. xxxxxx

Postmark 21st May, 1970

218807 Pte Jamieson
8R.A.R. Dcoy. 10. PL.
G.P.O. Sydney 2890

19th May 70

My Dearest Sandra,

So pleased to hear from you to-day my dear. It’s been four days since I received a letter from you, the foru longest days I have ever spent in Veitnam, but I suppose you hav ben busy with the boys and getting ready for me to come home, you wouldn’t have much time for writing. Well dear only another four days and I shall be hom with you for a few days, how the time is drgeing now, but I suppse it will fly as soon as I get home. It is just a week to-day since I come in from the bu, and it seems like a month. Went to the store te other day to et som slide magazines for your father but they didn’t have any left and ill not have any for a fortnight and they cost $1.20 over here. Jako tried to get an lectrick fan but they cost $48.00, so I didn’t get it as it seemed ratheer daear to me, but will prie them when I get home. It’s getting that hot over here lately that it’s hard to bear it, don’t know what I will do if it get’s any hotter as it too hot now. Sandra I just cannot put into words how great it’s going to be, to be home with you, I love you and you are the only one in this world that means anything to me, I jus tdon’t know how I will be able to leave you to come back to such a place, I love you Sandra, you are my life and I should be home with you, twelve months is to long for two people in love as much as you and I to be apart. I’m just busting to get home and see you and the boys again, but I guess you are in the same boat too. Sandra I guess this will be my last letter before I get home always remember I love you and miss you like no one has ever missed any one before. Shall see you on the 24th my love, hope time goes quick for I so much want to see you and be with you. Untill we meet again my love, my life, you have all y love and thoughts.

Lots and lots of love, loveing you forever.

All my love, Jock. xxxxx.

P.S. I love you Sandra.

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