Chiffon #9

Oh boy! What a obscenely typical day I have today, you see I am sitting with my friend and he is talking and playing his guitar and we was singing when my other friend, you must remember my other friend, the one I am sweet on she say out loud and in no particular direction, ‘I want to die’.

Now initially you would think that was just an attention grabber and was designed for maximum impact, AND SO AFTER ENOUGH TIME TO INDICATE CASUALNESS, I blurted out to my friend when it came around on the guitar ‘that is awful’, as well as, a drawn out Nooooooooo! And we stopped singing and playing and we started what I have heard my friend accuse the purple round one of doing and I shook in my self as I recognized the specter of the third world war loom, but she passed (admittedly close by), but, she passed and now I wonder about my friend, Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee she was dry and it is all downhill from here and no one ever picks you up on the Blue highway.

Hello or Hullo hallo. Well it has now happened. And I don”t think there is any going back. Religious nukes and they are not going to accept any apology. Personally I don”t think they want any, just the eradiation of infidel dogs and I first heard this expression from my grand aunt”s friend Errol who was a swashbuckling pirate on the big screen once or twice. I was not aware that the middle eastern population watched these movies, It just goes to show what a small world it really is.

While I am speaking of swash buckling pirates, I told you that there would be a lot of duck and weave concerning our wheat bix eating government officials. I am becoming increasingly frustrated trying to make my point heard and I am now appealing for help with IDEAS to perhaps make my point.

What is my point? I hear you muse, well this is my point. Imagine if you will that western society or Capitalist democracy, let us imagine these things are the Titanic. Now let us imagine that as citizens of these democracies we are the First second and third class passengers on this ship and as passengers on this ship we are subject to the crew and then imagine that anything outside our belief system laid down by the ship’s captain, was an iceberg of varying sizes and if it stands that history repeats itself, you know where I am going with this.

I suppose as a passenger on this ship you will understand if I go running around screaming we”re going to die. You might also be inclined to do some running around too. I can tell you I am used to this sort of shit and I don”t want to hang around people who are prepared to wait and see what happens at their own peril.

As I have said I have seen this shit before with Mister Kruschev and Mister Kennedy way back in SIXTY THREE. What a riveting day that was. I wonder whether anybody is aware of their ability to affect change? What about the Petrov affair? It was the presence of people who turned the injustice that was happening to them around, oh well! Back to the boat. I have only one thing to ask and that is who cares? who really cares?

I was with my friend PARIS the other day and he has recently had turf laid down in his backyard, and it was only an O, K, job and the edges were too low and did not evenly match the path, so, it was decided to lift and pull the turf up and add soil and some Blue metal just because it sounds good.

After about an hour or two we had managed to roll most of the turf at least a full square metre of it back and we put in the soil and re-laid the turf as well as watering it in padding it down all completed just before the sun set. This was a timely finish as we were then able to have a smoke and pat ourselves on the back which we both were very good at.

It is a funny thing, a few days later I went back to visit , and while I was with him the need to go out arose and (this was due to his wife) we gathered our things and I started towards Paris”s vehicle, however Paris called out to me and explained he could not find his car keys. So he started looking in pockets, and then he started looking in the dirty washing, and just as he started looking in the toolboxes of which he has a few. I caste a glanced at the lawn, then I glanced at Paris and then I glanced at the lawn again It doesn”t matter I have a spare key announced Paris. Thank goodness, I announced, and looked at the turf again.

Drink, Drive, drink Drive, drink drive. This is confusing to read this is because they are both action words but did you know it is what the police are calling illegal and the community is wearing the repercussions of this continual stream of do gooders who want to do the right thing by the police and drink, drive.

It must be this expression (first coined by illiterate police) that is responsible for so many people trying to achieve excellence, through drink driving. They are confused, you don”t get awarded for this you get penalized, but I say you are doing exactly what is being subliminally programmed into your brain. Drink, drive, this is a stupid campaign slogan.

But I hear you say that is a stupid thing to say and people are not that stupid. Let me start again DRINK AND DRIVE, not DON”T DRINK AND DRIVE so you tell me what people do. If people were not stupid there would not be a campaign directed at people who exhibit stupidity.

Apparently some of my readers have been irreverent towards my writing and describe it as off the wall. I wish to set the record straight. I might have my head up my arse but unlike some, I at least pull it out to have a look around and smell the occasional flower and I have big tits, a bonus.

Luff Chiffon.

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