Chiffon #11

Allo, Allo, Allo

Well it is the Friday before this country parades its fallen and they do it with lots of aplomb and then we give them (unofficially) the keys to the city. And a lot of people they have celebration, much, and some much too much. I love this celebration and I like what we call it: AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND ARMY CORPS DAY, No English and no Americans and it seems any bloody soldier from any army gets a Guernsey at this one but no English and no American army. WHY IS THAT ? I think we all know why? Viva le dig air.

Today I have much fun and some work as observer for Paris. He had to repair a water damaged ceiling and then he paint them white and I was scared that the lovely white paint did not drop on to this very expensive, bright pillar box red lounge of which there were three pieces.

You can understand the compatability between red and the white of plaster and now you know why I call him Paris, like the city. This man (Paris) he too is a jewel among his peers. He really is the expert and so patient as was obvious when it came to watching the plaster dry before he paints the ceiling. I was hoping something exciting would happen but between you and me it is as exciting as watching the grass grow, but it is fun.

Sell R .V.


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