Chiffon #12

Allo, it is the eve of Anzac Day and I am watching the news and there is the article about the police doing their thing and it occurs to me that Australians had the opportunity to see the police practicing for just such a scenario as this.

The Today Show earlier this year appeared from the new police training facilities in Weston which were made to look like some shanty, presumably in some made up Pacific settlement (as was obvious by the people lurking on verandahs and they even set fire to a building, just so the public could see some results from the increased funding and legislature they had recently received.

A helicopter (blue and white ) hovered over head. According to the host it contained Mister Kelty.. I am not surprised that the Solomon”s have received the same treatment right down to Mister Kelty being there to obviously oversee his script reach fruition.

Because of this I have a hard time accepting that their parliament is the problem, but I ask myself WHY do the police and the army on behalf of the government fuck with the democratic process, by arresting the members of that parliament’s opposition?

They seem to place an arrest over throwing stones above the Democratic process and what of innocence till proven guilty? Also, if seventy two percent of people in this country don”t believe Johnny is telling the truth about the wheat thing, why should we assume there is anything honorable about anything that is going on?

Today is the twenty-fifth and it is a very emotional day. Already from my window I hear lots of traffic going to the dawn service. This day swells me and I am blown away by what can only be senseless, senseless slaughter and an incubator of misery: such is war.

This country as well as my beloved France loves this tradition. I remember reading an author’s play some years ago. It was titled “One Day of the Year” and it was written by Alexander Buzo. This play focused on an Italian family living in Australia and it dealt with the internal and personal issues that arise on this day and I would recommend it to you.

He also was responsible also for another publication in this country. I know that most readers would be familiar with his book REAL MEN DON”T EAT QUICHE. This is a very funny read.

Chiffons tribute to the soldiers’ memory:

No man is an island
Every man is a piece of the main,
As if a manor of thy friends
Or a promontory were
If a clod be washed away by the seas
Europe is the less.
Every mans death diminishes me
For I am a part of mankind
Never send to know
For whom the bell tolls
It tolls for thee!

This was penned by Johnnie Donne.

Luff Chiffon

P.S. Today she was a pearl la!

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