Chiffon #13

It is early morning for me and I have woken up to the most tragic of circumstances, for the record the date is April 27, 2006.

Well the wheels of our very precise and overly cockatiel beauracracy have launched their well-oiled selves on an adventure “in search of private Kovko” the mud and blood-letting of this little yarn will possibly be buried. Like sand through the hour glass and I would think that the truth will be avoided.

I watched young Doc Nelson (not of “I Dream of Jeannie” fame) give a news conference and he revealed that he organised this soldier’s wife to be flown to greet the return of her dead husband from KUWAIT. He explained that this soldier’s MATES were responsible for putting his casket on the plane.

He also explained that it is a public holiday in Kuwait, then he said it was a Muslim holiday. I don”t know whether that was meant to imply that the military would be starting work again the next day. He did not explain who rubbed the lantern (but I bet he wants one) that resulted in this deception and he looks like he is saying a private mortuary is responsible. THE ARMY OUTSOURCING?

And there is no aircraft available for forty-eight hours. HULLO! What about our air force? I wonder, I really do, don”t you? Or is the truth that you, like me, just don”t believe this! I had a brief thought: What if somebody wanted to express some discontent about our involvement in Iraq, and wanted to create circumstances that warrant investigation? Shipping the wrong body and not telling anyone, might be one way.

And what of Beaconsfield? Could this be an issue of health and safety under the new I.R.LAWS? Or I might be out of my depth. It could just be a case of unfair dismissal, however, what the human tragedy?

You know I saw people walking around on the moon in the late sixties, they are mining the surface of Mars for a few years now, and I think this should not be such a technically difficult operation. Why were men trapped underground? It is all very well to say a rock fall, seismic activity, but why is there no escape/alternative routes in or out?

Could it be that this profession of mining is steeped in a Dickensian fog of hardship and dirt and danger and has successfully evaded any kind of keeping up with technology? It is all very well to send robots down to say hullo to the stuck miners. According to popular science fiction stories, robots should be doing this work in the first place, not humans!

My solution to this start of today is, I am going to have a smoke and go back to bed and wake up again.

Luff Chiffon

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