Chiffon #16

Well what a fuss is about all over a rugby league game but apparently it is an international? Us and the Kiwis. They are good but we have Johns and a little bit more I hope, but they have Benji.

The commentators are trying hard to get people likening this game to a battle of the gladiators, with appropriately worded soliloquies with the emphasis on three letter words such as big, loc, and sun, cor etc.. I cant see why we tolerate them culturally disguising poking out of the tongues though. This is a bit rude if you ask me, especially as we are not parading no kadaicha man at their mob. Reckon some emu feather and red ochre mob could do em though!

The whole sporting world at this level in this country is really serious about the game that it is played as if something else is being said about one or both of the teams that borders on treason if you lose. It is only football. I have to be careful of what I say because the wolf man might get upset or maybe not. I honestly don”t know why I am even worried.

There has been a score ,but it could be in dispute. It was, what a hoot. Now they scored as a result of the old reverse dummy play, brilliant footy.

By the way it is Friday night or Thursday night, and the date is somewhere in the beginning of May or the end of April. This is probably not a good thing, overall! That brings me up to another good thing about being me is that it can be any day, really, and I am trying always to be about nineish on a Friday. But that is good that they have their footy, don”t you agree ladies?

While on the subject of ladies how are the Pies doing? They are my favorite team ever since when I was a small child. I was thinking about the Australian Rules football and I was SWOOPED by this huge big black and white bird that snapped its giant foot long beak at my ear while it is flying at sound barrier-breaking speed, and it scared the shit out of me but ever since then I have supported Collingwood and I have not been swooped since and a lot of my girl friends who are reading this support the pies.

Now! Having established that, don”t you love them? I even have a small black and white TV set just so I can watch the game and the best thing about it is that when North Melbourne play they look like Collingwood when they play (except Collingwood play is technically more masterful) and seeing the black and the white, this brings back the memories and when they play, the sphincter she is touch and go.

The other football that is on at this moment is busily being analyzed and sprouted about and it looks very much like they are talking through something else other than what they are talking through which is possibly more like what I am talking through.

Which is true.?
It has its place,
I don”t think so.
That place,
That place is going through, the change.
In addition I am also thinking
About my other things,
My other things
They go slowly
I am distracted
With other things,
Vital things
Things of no particular concern,
It is never good to ignore things
Is it.

Luff Chiffon xxx

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