Chiffon #18

Hello. I have had one of those days that you get in between the other days. First thing this morning I received a phone call from one of the many needy people whom know me, this person who has Balls (in case you wondered). He tells me that I have invoked the wrath of a member, a self appointed vigilante, a mercenary, a dilettante of the thought police.

Who could this be? I am not aware of any persons that I speak about unkindly, especially or in particularly about.

As my country was once occupied by Nazis, this has bought many terrible memories flooding back as it is obvious that this country has one or perhaps two Nazis who did not get to Brazil and I am fearful that they are mobilizing. And I am going to need medicating.

A friend once penned a line. YOU’RE SO VAIN I BET YOU PROBABLY THINK THIS BLOG IS ABOUT YOU. What more can I say? One thing: who, are you?

Tuesday May 16 2006

Hello I am doing what I am doing for the last time. I have not even worked it out yet. The problem seems to have arisen out of the ramblings of two people. Both these individuals exhibit the skill and brilliance of drunks and the most amazing thing is that only one of them drinks, however both these individuals never seem to talk about about themselves. I assume from what I hear that they prefer to stroke each other and lick each others imagined wounds and jointly deride me among other things.

The thing I can not get over is they must think I am stupid and they can do and say anything. A friend wrote a song titled I don”t think so, and I will tell you, get your facts right but it will take much, as I know one of these people has never read anything I wrote and the other will not read for them but they assume to know what I am meaning. I think this is what gives them the ability to put their foot in their mouths. They are blissfully ignorant and I think they are busy trying to convince each other they are happy. This bullshit pisses me off as I care about these people, but if they throw shit around I have to duck. This pisses me off.

Do you ever wonder why people borrow things and then seem to keep them? If you do and if this is happening to you, it is because you are dealing with a Narcissist. What is a Narcissist? In short it is somebody who steals and borrows everything, your person. They do not stop until they seem to be doing everything that you might have been doing?

In the first instance, a certain German took issue and occupied Poland. We called him mad and he was. Do we have to wait for similar actions to develop and then say oops we did not know?

People who borrow things and don”t return them are sick in the head. They are suffering some delusion that is no different to Germans pretending to be Polish. There is a solution: if we are not ridding ourselves of these raiders of meaningful existence we must make our lives look unattractive. This can be achieved but it is more effective to wait and then pull the rug from under them, so to speak. The only downside to this is that they may just hate you and then leave you alone. Small price to pay for the right effect.

And what is Egocentricity? Perhaps all this is taking my readers out of their usual reading mode and I apologize if you have to resort to a dictionary. It will not be as much assistance as you would like.

First who suffers from this? I would like to say not me. Well! Maybe I do? In my defence THERE WAS NO ONE HERE WHEN I MOVED IN but as I progress, I find I am under siege from Wanna bees who having got to this point are now asserting their misguided sense of everything.

This is another so-so day for me. I am currently absorbed with myself. I decided to give myself a nice surprise for all my headwork, but have you any idea how hard it is for me to surprise myself? I am thinking that maybe I will surprise someone else, this would be a surprise.

I am suffering righter finger in both hands. What is it? For those of you who touch type at the frequency and speed at which I do, the ends of the pointing finger in each hand get a little numb. This is a result of continually pointing and pressing the letters of the keyboard. I know I am only one of many professional people who suffer from this irritating and most painful condition.

I have heard a rumour regarding secret experiments conducted in the middle of the eighteenth century. Apparently they started breeding humans who possessed up to five pointing fingers on each hand and, according to this rumour, some of them escaped after a fire broke out in their experimental facility and they started to breed and interbreed and now it is very hard to detect these experiments which really don”t belong any more and so are no longer necessary.

The problem, if the rumour is true, what is the best way of ridding the workplace of these humanoid life forms? They are taking Australian jobs? They are clogging up the roadways, they are rewriting all the world’s historical and parliamentary records to suit their masters’ plans and they are hard to detect because after a century they are very well entrenched in our educated society. They just blend in too well.

One might be tempted to say that in the last fifty or sixty years the western world has learnt a thing or two and Australia (according to Johnnie) would consider itself to be reaping the benefits of a modern enlightened society and from what I see on the telly our prime minister seems to think that he is running around receiving accolades off his mates O.S.

You would think that we have overcome our disabilities such as racism; you would think that we as a nation would have embraced our indigenous populations; you would think we are able to administer this country’s affairs in a way that provided outcomes for this country’s population.


Seventy years later, this country and the morons running it are talking about sending the army in to civilian communities to purge them of what this culture calls primitive, base, out of control, dirty, uneducated and sickening beyond belief. I am not talking about the streets of Kings Cross or the holiday destinations of white educated men in Asia where child prostitution abounds, drug addiction is rife, the streets and foods served (such as Bali India) are dirty and produce illnesses – Bali belly, Delhi belly – which are treated as a rite of passage, a part of the experience.

No! this country is referring to our indigenous settlements. Black settlements. It sounds like the authors of this scenario are saying that the Aboriginal population is incapable of administering law and order. How much sitting on the fence can be done?

Australia”s treatment of aboriginals has been deplorable. We only have ourselves to blame. We have created, through our mismanagement, or is it something more insidious than that, a class of people who are receiving the raw end of the prawn and have been battered by unfair laws attitudes and funds.

Iran”s government has decided to label non-Muslims publicly; the jonnies and georgies will come out and accuse that government of deplorable conduct and may even commit troops to change that, as they did in nineteen thirty-six. I see a double standard however that is exactly the EM,OH that the leaders of political parties live by and they rely on diplomacy and politics. How can anyone with a conscience live with that level of shit? and these leaders call themselves more educated than most, what a joke.

I was amused to hear about Mother Goose child care facilities and I thought to myself once again, good on centre link for exposing the fraud. One question arises for me in all of this: Why, when parents and the community know there is never a good outcome if one pursues something initially appearing attractive (such as a strange man offering a lift or a lolly)?

Why then would a child care facility with a name appearing to be innocent and appealing and full of promises be allowed to operate to the point that the taxpayer is robbed of over a million dollars? Mother Goose is not real. No-one invented this character. They have no moral message, in fact mother goose once came about as the result of a misprint in a LONDON (not again) newspaper which was a collection of five innocent stories and, according to my source, the correction was Mother Lowse.

My point is that if it wasn”t a misprint by the English, it would have been seen as mother louse which would not have been a good name for a child care facility but, apparently, surprise, surprise, the bird turned into a louse and it only cost us one million dollars. I know what I would do if I was El Presidento.

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