Chiffon #19


I have a thing happening that I am not understanding but it is not a big worry, just irritating. It is the date thing. I am a little worried that it is wrong. My weekend was a bit of a worry. I attended The Gorman House Markets. It was really weird. I am aware that is an odd word to use however I know what they are trying to do. After twenty years I really think that someone should have a look at just exactly what is happening now, and in everyone’s interest, put it out of its misery now. Yes it is sad, but they shoot horses don”t they?

I am not the person to want to contribute any productive suggestion and primarily this is due to the fact that I have seen other suggestions mooted at the expense of mine and they obviously serve their purpose, they must be happy. We the members of the community who are recipient to their well laid plans will be told that it is all a result of a lack of funding, and who will bear responsibility for that?

Not the people who have been paying their mortgages as a result of organizing and administrating Gorman House Markets which are not in the same category as the restaurant or the dance company who rent space a guaranteed income and I wonder if they receive funding? What funding does the market receive?

But it is interesting to see how well multiculturalism looks when presented at the suburban level as opposed to the nationally advertised propaganda fortnight designed to convince Australia we love em. Blowjobs aside. It is all about money… and probably blowjobs.

I am blown away at the predictability of people, although gullibility is also an appropriate word. I don”t know what else to say because I have said it before and current affairs would indicate that the people, the main players involved in manufacturing current affairs, do not read this page, but I am not sure as it may just be a question of individual intelligence quotient.

Maybe some individuals around the place do read this; I will find where the hits are coming from. Would be surprised if any came from Ireland, East Timor, and the pacific basin. Fiji or the Solomon”s. I still remember the words I wrote in Chiffon number 1. It is all about exploitation. It has taken the better part of a year, but apparently certain individuals would agree and look to be trying to turn the tables on their perceived exploiters.

The biggest drawback about the way things are at the moment is that there exists too many people being exploited and they would like the opportunity to do some exploiting too. I think it prudent that there should be a system which takes this into account. I would like to see part time exploiters; it could operate on the same basis as job sharing.

I think this could work. You would not have to be educated or particularly literate as these things have not had results to date, and probably never will. Operating this would mean every body would have a turn at being oppressed and then could also experience the opulence of exploiting and possibly everybody would be happy with the exception of those who don”t want to share and may react violently and call out ‘dictatorship’ and other things, perhaps..

This idea could become a theme park type of a thing and a business. Could you imagine this, a place where you have people do your bidding, cooking, cleaning, taking you out to wherever you want, generally running around picking up after you, etc. and, after a week for example everyone changes places?

An interesting concept crossed my desk the other day. It involves flags and it truly lives up to the values of the capitalist decimocratic world. Leasing space for advertising other countries and or their products. The union jack in the corner of our flag could have a break and we could, for a fee, replace this space with the American flag for a time and then perhaps we could be paid not to do this by other countries and the more popular our country is can only increase the advantages attached to being seen on our flag. How popular have the stars become, not to mention the real estate involved with where our flag flies – location, location, location.

Tonight I am in the company of men who want to watch, of all things, football. This of course is the state of origin. It looks like I may have to masturbate in order to get any excitement. That would have to happen and I was hoping to, never mind.The football game, a gladiatorial grudge match of gargantuan proportions.

I am still thinking about the revenue thing I previously mentioned. What if we sold the city? Surely we could get a couple of mill for it. I think this has merit.

And so much for our diggers who are in my mind being used to produce propaganda movies supporting the myth that Australia is battle ready, putting down attempted coups. The props are good, however I think the whole affair could do with some direction and perhaps a plot would not go astray. Suggested titles could be Brendan”s List, or A Dilly Dalliance or Timor, Timor, Timor.

Ringo Starr once said “I am sure it is hell over there” but I am a little cynical. I wonder how many people would hang around a food store with a broken hinge on the door if it was set up on South (well) Park.

Luff Chiffon xxx

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