Chiffon # 20

HELLO, I am writing this after… just the most amazing weekend. I was fortunate enough to get a wisp of a rumour of a musical phenomenon performing on Saturday night at an exclusive venue. This band already has a cult following and as I have not heard them perform for a few months, six in fact. I was very keen to pump up the volume, so to speak, even though I am writing.

I arrived at the venue to find a crowd already gathered and engaged in expectant conversation and I was fortunate, thanks to my observant companion, to grab a ringside seat even though there was no ring. The crowd was noisy.A solo artist, Mister Tom Woodward, brazenly entertained the crowd with a display of slapping and tight fretwork that culminated with some sensitive treatment of some die hard standards (of his), this all with the aim of wooing the assembled crowd into a GOING OFF mood. Mission accomplished. We waited.

Tom Woodward

The lights dimmed. Figures appeared to arrange themselves on the stage and banter amongst themselves amidst the random tuning of their instruments when, all of a sudden, as if they all responded to the same movement they burst into CHANGE demonstrating an invigorating mastery of their craft, and followed this with ORDINARY MAN further solidifying its relationship with the audience who by this stage could not contain themselves and resorted to a lot of spontaneous dance.

This line up presented nothing but the best both vocally and musically and possibly gets its injection from performing together (they really look like they enjoy it) as each and every member exhibits skills that us mere mortals can only dream about.

Ocean Moses’ Leo Rose and Graeme Bayles The crowd responded with not one but everyone tapping and boppin to the disciplined and tight interaction of each of the members of Ocean Moses.

I came away a better person for having witnessed what I can only describe as an orchid blooming in an oasis of a late night desert which is a good description of Canberra”s music scene, and the Bedouins that inhabit it.


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