Chiffon #21


It certainly has been a boring week, from where I am sitting at least that is the impression I am going to give, but it is never true.

A week ago Australian troops, soldiers, police cum peacekeepers arrived on yet another deployment where they put down primitive customs and went among the people with bibles(again). Then we hear they are not getting the same pay because they are not in a desert where there is also a full on fracas (dangerous).

Then I hear we are sending the police, also, this was necessary because the army (who presumably had guns loaded) could not hold any of the natives they were blaming for starting civil war because there was no judicial system in place to convict these hapless misguided riff raff.

Am I wrong or wasn”t there a big hullabaloo a few years ago that basically saw smiling Australian diplomats wishing this brand new nation a happy and secure future free from the oppressive Indonesians., What happened?,(Exploitation, perhaps) Why were the diplomats smiling ,way back then? Did they know something we didn”t? Was there a strategy being enacted?

It was an unusual solution arrived at by the government though. More Policing? Why doesn”t somebody notice that this never really solves or improves things. Take the road toll for instance, the drug offensive our own indigenous settlements, all of these things are heavily policed and don”t have any long term positive effect except a continued presence.

With respect I may have it wrong and how could that be. The only thing I could think of would perhaps be the media, the popular media of TV, radio and print fame. Could they have it wrong? The vision of them documenting a gang burning down the house was cutting edge or you could interpret that the presence of the camera crew was enough to insight the crowd as it looked as if they were directing the whole thing. The media should be more responsible.

I am not feeling myself lately, at least not with the gay abandon I have become known for (I am a little bit frustrated), even though I drop all sorts of hints to myself, nothing seems to be hitting the spot.

Luff Chiffon xxx

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