Vietnam Letters #58

Postmark 21st July, 1970

18th June 70.

My Dearest One, Sandra,

Well dear another few days have passed and we are still sitting on this rocky hill. Haven’t seen or heard a thing since we have been here. We were suppose to go in on the 15th but we were extended untill the 19th (my birthday) but we won’t be going in untill the 20th now, and we are suppose to go on R&C on the 21st. Just what dose happen no one will really know untill it happens. I don’t think we will be going home in August now either, I think it was a lot of bull started off by the news papers in Australia, but you never know, with a bit of luck we may get home early.

Darling I received five letters from you on the 15th, it’s just wonderfull to here from you, yet quite sad, as I read your letters I can feel your sadeness in them, but darling it will only be a few more months and I will be home with you for good, all we can do is prey to God to pass the time quickly and protect both of us for each other, Sandra I miss you, as you miss me, this will never happen again, I love you dear, and want to be with you, only God knows how much I want to be with you my love. I love you.

I’m not to sure what to think about the old car yet, I think if you can battle along with it untill I get home then we shall decide, as for the tape recorder, we will also decide on it and how the money is going to work out for us. It’s been verry hot here lately and getting a hell of a lot of rain, sometimes we manage to keep dry, but mostely we get wet, and it gets verry cold of a night once you are wet. It’s verry boreing just sitting around with nothing to do, we have been here for twelve days now, what a waste of time, what would we do if we had twelve days and nothng to do but love each other. Well my love I have to go and do another shift on the gun so I shall have to finish for now, it always happens when I start to write a letter, or when I feel like writing. So long or now my dear. You are always with me in my heart. I shall love you forever. xxxxxx

19th June 70

Sandra I love you, here I am twenty seven years old and far from the one I love. Had a big cigar to-day which I saved from the re-supply just for to-day. Should be back at Nui Dat to-morrow, then I think we have one day and night R&C.

Three A.P.C. came in this morning to pick up a chap to go on R&R. They bought the mail in, was a little disserpointed when there was none for me, did I curse the mail strikes. Has been raining most of to-day, but has been able to keep dry, after fifteen days have really got myself orginised as far as the rain goes anyway. For some reason unknown to me, but last night was a hell of a night for me, I was that scared nothing came along, but when I was on piquet I kept hearing thing and got very jumpy, boy was I glad to see the old sun come up this morning, I had a horrible feeling in my guts all night, but thank God nothing happened, I guess I must be going mad or something, but it was the worst night I have had over here. Anyway Sandra so much for me, how are you going, I hope you can just put up with things for another few months untill I get home, don’t go worrying yourself sick or anything like that, as things are verry quite over here now. The worst thing for me would be the same as for you, the lonelyness and the waiting for time to pass untill we are to-gether again, Sandra you are the life for me and believe me my love I’ll be home to you in a few months, it’s going to be a long time but I know I’ll be home with you again, we love each other.

Just got a message on the radio that we are going back to the Dat at 10AM to-morrow and have to fix our gear up and go to Vung Jau to-morrow afternoon for one day & night R&C, so I guess to-morrow night I might get a bit drunck to celebrate my birthday, well that’s about all there will be to do anyway as the wet season is in full swing and you can bet I won’t be getting wet, except in the throat. Well dear there is not much more to write about. I could write about a book on my lonelyness for you and how my heart aches. I love you Sandra, how I would love to be wth you now, instead of being so far apart my love. Have you thought much about the boys little sister? I have and I think it’s great. Shall finish up for now my love, don’t think I will get much time to-morrow to write anymore, but shall write again to-morow night if I don’t have to much to drink. How I would love to be home with you all night now.

All my love for the greatest woman in the world. I love you. xxxxxx.



Postmark 23rd July, 1970

James Street,
N.S.W. 2628

(Mon) 22-6-70

My Dearest Jock,

I guess, or hope by now you have received some of my letters & the tape I sent. I also posted another tape to you in Cooma to-day & the slides of the party.

Mother didn’t come into town with us, I went up this morning to see if she had an appointment, but she couldn’t get in to see Dr. West until Wed. & she said not to bother about waiting until then to take her in as Father would take her in. But then I met her in town to-day, she managed to get an appointment at about 6P.M. & Father had to go to the Dentist this afternoon as a filling had come out of one of his teeth.

I left here at about 1.30 this afternoon & was quite looking forward to having an afternoon in town after a while as John & Brian just wouldn’t behave themselves & I ended up with a splitting headache & my nerves on edge. I gave them plenty of smacks on the bottom & roused on them all the time, but it just didn’t make any difference to them they just kept tearing around the shop & making a lot of noise & touching things. I could have throttled the both of them. I got the boys a new pair of slippers each (John & Mike) & I bought your birthday present to-day too, new blades for your electric razer. There were a couple of things that I tried to get but couldn’t, I wanted to get one of those Planers that were advertised on TV last year that are used with razer blades & can be used for quite a few things.  I wanted it mainly for planing the doors & drawers, where they stick, as if I’m going to paint the doors, they will need planing, as they will stick all the more after they are painted, & this thing I wanted is also supposed to be good for scraping paint off windows, which I thought would be handy for when I’m painting, but I guess I will use just an ordinary planer for the doors, I guess there is probably one in your tool box, but if not I can borrow one, and another thing I tried to get is something that has only just come out, I saw it advertised on TV too, it is for putting on the bottom of a sliding door & it grips to the carpet & door post when you shut the door, & holds the door shut properly.

I bought a few groceries too, I didn’t buy many things but I spent nearly $20, it doesn’t take long for the money to go now days.

We got home about 5.30PM & Brian was very tired, as he hadn’t had his sleep this afternoon. Then I was serving tea up to-night &  looked around & Brian was asleep in his chair, he looked so cute I didn’t like to disturb him, but I fed him his tea & put him straight to bed, & it was the first time he hasn’t kicked up a fuss about going to bed in fact he asked me to put him to bed.

I just remembered something I forgot to get to-day & that was Friday’s Cooma paper, as there is a write up in it about you being home on R&R leave, in Lilly’s Column. I will see if they have got any left down here to-morrow & I will send you the cutting.

Mother & Father have had an invitation to Kerrod’s 21st Birthday party which is on next Sat night, but I don’t think they are going down for it.

I will close for now my Darling, hoping this finds you well & that you know that you have all my love & thoughts forever Sweetheart.

Your everloving wife & lover,



P.S. I also put John’s shoes in to get caps put on the toes of them, so they may last him for a while longer. I only hope that he doesn’t go through the toes of his good shoes, which he will have to wear untill we get the others back.

I love you very much my Darling.

May God Bless you,

Yours Always,

Sandra. xxxx.

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