Chiffon #22


I was at my friends house and he has a window in his front room where I was busily having a winge about how utterly fucked the day was (did I mention that the windows in this room generally face west), when I noticed the moon rising and it was a full moon. I pointed this out and my friend was not moved one way or another. Tell me am I wrong? The moon rises in the east! Is that not true? What am I supposed to think? Is my mind going? Who or what has changed? This little incident is all I need at the moment (beam me up Scotty).

I am seriously contemplating pursuing a political courier. I have been moved to this by the same ol, same ol, all day and every day, and I am sick of feeling myself. I will think on it some more as I must way up the pros and cons. Look what happened to Pauline Hanson, look what happened to Julius Caesar. By the way, when they officially get rid of that parliamentary tradition, I think they should bring it back.

Whatever happened about the three hundred million that the wheat board gave to Saddam or the dick responsible for it? I assume that nobody got pinned for it as we are not told anything, because nothing happens, because they can”t prove anything, get center link on to it!

I am watching the rugby and it is best not to go there.

Luff Chiffon xxx

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