Vietnam Letters #59

Postmark 24th June, 1970

James St
N.S.W. 2628

(Tues) 23-6-70

My Darling Jock,

It was wonderful to receive a letter from you to-day Darling, & was pleased to hear that you were going to the R&C centre, I can’t say they were very generous with the time they are giving you there, just one day & night. But still I guess that that’s better that nothing isn’t it! I hope you made the most of it & enjoyed yourself.

I sent our second last car payment to-day. This time next month the car will be ours. It’ll be the first car that we have ever owned.

I went up to see your Mother this morning to see how she got on at the doctor’s yesterday & she is in bed, he gave her some tablets & some ointment to rub into her leg & she is to stay in bed for 2 days. I cooked a big pot of stew this afternoon & took half of it up there, as it will save Father cooking & it may also keep Mother in bed as she may decide to get up to cook a meal.

Bert is on a spree again (or still) his life is just one big spree, but he is on one of his extra big ones lately. On Monday morning Mrs. Johnny Melham rang your mother to see how he was, because on Sunday night Johnny found him lying on the road & apparently he had been hurt as he had blood on him & then he brought him home. I guess he probably got into a fight or something, but Sandy had seen him walking down the road that morning before Mrs. Melham rang & they haven’t seen him since. But I saw him getting into a taxi in Cooma yesterday (full as a boot) at about 3 PM. We are just guessing but he was probably going to the Railway Station to go off to Sydney again. I just don’t know what’s going to become of that fellow, & he’s such a worry to Mother & Father too. Gee we had a woping big frost this morning, but it turned out to be a lovely day after it. It is supposed to have been one of the coldest mornings on record in Canberra & it probably was here too.

Well, I must finish up for now Dear, hoping this finds you well & not too lonely, but keep you chin up Honey & keep smiling, & just think that you have got more than half your time done over there, & it won’t be long & you’ll be home, & remember that I am always thinking of you & I shall be loving you forever.

Yours always,

Sandra. xxxxxx.

Postmark 24th June, 1970

8RAR Dcoy 0.PL.
G.P.O. Sydney 2890

23rd June 1970

My Dearest Sandra,

Well Darling after a few jumbled up days and things getting back to normal I have found time to write, and beleive meĀ  have been that busy lateley since we have been back in camp the time has just flown by. Had one day & night R&C, and seeing I spent my Birthday in the bush decided to celebrate on R&C, thus got very drunk and sick and unable to write, I am very sorry Sandra and feel verry guilty about not writing. I received five letters from you lately and cards from everyone, it was very good. Well my darling you won’t have to call me private as I am now corpral Jamieson, seems funny to me, but that’s the way it goes. Got made up on the 20th not a bad present for the birthday. Sandra I am missing something afful, I love you Sandra you are my whole life, I just cannot seem to think straight and have been in a bit of a dream, don’t know what’s wrong with me but I think maybe had to much drink and started feeling sorry for myself.

We are going out bush on the 25th I think, just where we are going I don’t know or for how long, all I know I have worked myself into a job with a lot of worry and extra work, they call me a section commander, have ten men under me, and beleive me, out in the bush it’s quite a headace at times, but things should work out ok in the end. Can not seem to be able to write much to-night Sandra so this may be a short note. There is one thing I want you to send over, please dear, and that’s some ink cartridges over for my fountain pen, ment to get some on R&R but forgot to get it. Sandra am always thinking of you my love. I love you dear.

All my love to you Sandra.

Give the boys a big hug for me.

Yours always,


P.S. New titles for address. 218807 L/CPL Jamieson.

Postmark 25th June, 1970


My Darling Sandra,

Well dear just about to go bush again to-day. Just where we are going we don’t know yet. Haven’t had any mail for five days, must be that dam mail strike. Sandra if your new neighbour gives you any trouble be sure and let me know, and also tell Sandy and he will have a yarn to him. It worries me to think that the useless bugger is close. How have you been getting along Sandra, I hope the flues are ok with the boys and yourself. Meant to write last night but Peter Chochran came over, haven’t seen him for some time, so we had a few drinks and by then I was beyond writing a letter, sorry dear. Boy am I sick of this useless damn place, all I want is to get home to you, I’m that pissed off with it all over here, and I am missing my wife. I love you Sandra.

Well that is the last of my ink so will be biro from now on. Cannot think to good this morning have a verry bad head. Didn’t have a chance to make up a voice tape darling shall try and do one in eighteen days time when we are due back. Sandra I love you and need you, please wait my love. I love you.

Well dear it is now eleven o’clock and am ready to head off bush again, don’t feel much like going either, far as that goes nobody seems verry wraped in the idear of going out. It’s a real bugger with the wet season and so on, just imanage being wet for eighteen days and sleeping in the mud, guess we have a dam good reason for not having over keeneness. Anyway so much for my troubles how are things for you, I just hope there is nothing worrying you, if there is make sure you let me know for your troubles are mine Sandra, so make sure you let me know any of your worries. Sure hope there is some mail for me to-day as we will not be getting re-supplied for five days and that will make ten days I have not heard from you, and I just feel so dam afull when I don’t hear from you Sandra. But here’s hoping I hear from you to-day before we go out. Well dear there not much news or things to write about so I will finish up for now, hopeing all is well for you, I love you as much as I ever have Sandra and shall always be thinking of you, I love you.

Loveing you forever. xxxxx.


Just back from lunch, have to move out in 10 min. Thanks for your letter, Slides and tape which will have to wait untill I get back. I love you Sandra and will always. Slides are quite good. Must finish Darling.

Lots & Lots of love to you my dear. I love you . xxx.


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