Chiffon #27


Well here I am, once again, what a fucking day I am having, life is still O.K. however I must tell you I am a little bit bemused by the rumors and innuendo that seem to persist around me and the things I amuse myself with. I do not have any explanation for them other than there is a lot of jealous pebbles in this town as well as other towns and their insistence to big note themselves only makes them seem a lot smaller, CRIKEY, , you know what I mean. I must take a deep breath, but I will not inhale.

I am not aware of any drought here in this green capital. All the embassies as well as government departments and indeed some (a lot) of houses seem to be keeping the water up to their foliage.

The reason I am so unfazed by anything these days is that it is not worth it and I have started a regime of extra-curricula activity which is seeing myself knocking around with the most beautiful people and doing the most coolest things and perhaps if the average Joe got a life, we might meet in any number of the exclusive places I frequent, but that is what sets me apart from you mere mortals.

As the title of this little article suggests, this is my diary of events and social engagements and sadly I have to tell you that a number of people will not be having audiences with me as a result of their performances over the last year. The queen is one such individual as well as her man and his charges in the big house.

I will be taking a flight on the phoenix tomorrow night to let my hair down for the year apparently. I was told it is Christmas, a season for giving as well as partying with some brilliant musicians so if you see me there, you can say, hullo chiffon.

I start my day with breakfast down at Picassos place, an inspirational start. However today Saturday is and I have been up since 5 o’clock. The shopping centre is not open yet and I am going over to Woden, a warlike suburb of Canberra. Warlike only because of the name, however. If anyone is looking for Viking type people, they can be found here. It is one of those places that I consider desperate, but you get that. It is easy to criticize people, places as well as institutions. They are out there, so why not? I am not perfect however that is my intention. Far too many people take themselves seriously.

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