Chiffon #111. Shaving


When did people start shaving? I have spoken to a number of people and they don’t know but they all agree, unanimously, without dissenters, one hundred per cent, that it is primitive! Sexy but icky, a bit like an erection. Something you HAVE to do something about. But steel stainless was not around when man was prehistoric (I am not saying they are civilised), unlike erections. What did they do before the shick? Write and let me know.

Moving along, what about Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize. Now he is right up there with the guy that invented dynamite. That’s got to tell you something. I also was flabbergasted about the Hey Hey it’s Saturday skit that started a furore amongst Americans and other countries. Yes all right it was Wednesday, hey hey! Get over it.

And while I am on a roll, what did the moon ever do to NASA that has provoked them into firing missiles at it? Could this be a case of grapes that have gone sour? First NASA sent messages. NASA also invited them (whoever is out there) to play golf with Mister Small Step for Mankind Armstrong on the moon (neutral territory). Then NASA sent a car to Mars (a rover). NASA gave them the Hubble cameras to capture those special moments, then NASA sent another rover to Mars, this one with a cannon on it. Now the American military are shooting up the moon with missiles, and still nothing. They (whoever is out there) won’t come out of hiding.

This should also tell you something? I understand that they keep justifying that they are spending extraordinary amounts of money (there is your global economic crisis right there) with rhetoric, such as looking for water or life or another (hopefully) pristine planet Earth that we can live on. They don’t look for that underwater, a similar environments in as much as you cant breathe underwater or in space. Shouldn’t this tell you something?

You know I don’t think anything anyone was supposed to achieve or inspire or whatever they promised has been realised and it looks like everyone has accepted what has been going on, right or wrong and seem to have put their hand up for another dose of multi-national petrol companies and supermarkets as well as the governments of this world charging us money as opposed to providing the shit they dish up for free (ripping us off).

One last thing, The rugby league grand final  played last week concluded a year of controversy  for the NRL gladiators, their clubs, their girlfriends, the police, lawyers, courts, their families, their behaviours, as well as their education levels. Public opinion labelled them thugs, they responded by dressing their referees in breast cancer awareness pink to show they were sensitive, new age thugs. A few weeks and she all blows over. So what do they do? Deliver the football to the footy ground in a blackhawk helicopter, but not before it spent a few minutes intimidating the stadium with its presence. Sounds acceptable, thuggery or bullying.
Deserves to start every football game, let them know who is boss!

Luff Chiffon xxx

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