Reviews of Merry Muse Friday and Folkus

Merry Muse and Folkus, Friday 9th Oct, 2009
by Potato Pete

Hi Music Lovers,

At the Merry Muse Friday 9th October saw Ami Williamson after the support act Buck and Deanne. Ami, what a singer and performer, combining her song writing, opera singing, humour etc,. Her genres swung between country, folk and classical. How fortunate was I to be there!!

Support acton first were great. Buck and Deanne, whose variety of music swung between the ‘ murder songs ‘ that were so believable listening to Deanne’s rendition, then to end by saying ‘Well I am not really like that’. They did some great Johnny Cash and June Carter covers, especially the song Johnny wrote 4 months after June Carter’s death, with Buck playing his twelve string Fender. What a performance. I own a similar fender. If I could play 50% as well as Buck, I’d be happy.

Later I attended the Folkus performance at the Italian club of Beautifully Mad: The Blue Ruins, loved the rendition of ‘She had diamonds on the soul of her shoes’. I learnt this song for the 666 ABC choir for the National Folk Festival performance a couple of years ago, they did a great creative version. (Ed – not sure if Pete saw Beautifully Mad or The Blue Ruins, probably the former)


Potato Pete

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